Find a lost phone

Dear /e/ developers,
After my wife lost her phone in the forest I found out, that there is a really convenient thing missing:

Find my phone (I never used such a thing because I didn’t trust google. well, that’s not the problem here, is it?)

My Idea:
In settings you can connect “find my phone” to your /e/ account.
if you log in on your /e/ account online, you can try to connect to your phone, switch on GPS and get the location data. This could also be used as a tracker, depending on settings. I don’t need that, but some users might want to have one…
It could even be convenient sometimes to send a beep signal to the phone, so it can be found.
all that could be solved even throug toggling some .txt files in the /e/ cloud, assuming the nextcloud synchronisation works well.

unfortunately I couldn’t find my wife’s phone within three hours, and then it turned off - for whatever reason. Also the backup didn’t work, as I found out, so we have quite some loss here…

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There is a nice Nextcloud App ‘PhoneTrack’ which is requested to integrate in ecloud. We all hope that it will come/implemented in near future.

I’m using it with my own Nextcloud. And I must say, it works perfect.


I can confirm that.

Also Finder (Remote mobile phone searching via SMS requests.) - maybe can help.


Wasn’t the implementation of this function already planned?

There was only a poll

I agree this would definitely be a great feature to implement on ecloud. Will check if there are any issues with enabling it and get back on this thread.


I have been using this application for a long time. It is one of the best and it is foss.

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Does not work on nextcloud pi, when i click create session nothing happens:

Use phone


Thx, i installed following the howto, git cloning in the apps folder, but that does not work at all. I installed through apps (did not know it was there) now it works.

Why apps, it’s from f-droid like all Nextcloud apps

I meant server side “Apps”

ahhhhh, ok :smiley: :smiley:

The update is that we did have some issues implementing this feature. The team is working on resolving the bugs and should get back with an ETA when this great feature can be released.


does this app also have a remote wipe function? This is really important for data protection after a phone is stolen.

No, the device is sending data to nextcloud but nextcloud has no access to device. So it can’t lock or erase it

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