Feedback for v1.11

Vendor Name: Samsung
Device name: Samsung S8 SM-G950F
Device CodeName: dreamlte
Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously: 1.10
Version installed now : 1.11-r-20230509288096-stable-dreamlte
Is the device Rooted / Not rooted: Not rooted

Issues experienced:
EDIT : Bad timming for my update. The issue was caused by a big network failure in France.

  • Normal calls are not working anymore: I can’t hear the ring tone when I call. When the other person answers, I ear a very distorted/not audible voice.
  • The sound quality in Signal/Whatsapp is very, very bad (calling possible but painful)

Everything else works smoothly :slight_smile:

Hi, I just installed the /e/OS 1.11 on a Edge 20 Pro (XT2153-1) and found some issues.
The screen sometimes flickers, especially with dark or black backgrounds.
Some apps doesn’t work properly, the same apps are working well on my OnePlus Nord with /e/OS 1.8.1.
The App Lounge for exemple crashes often and when I search for apps it doesn’t find anything and gives error messages.
The camera app have the same issues my OnePlus Nord have, when you switch lenses often you get an error message “failed to open camera” or something like that. Sometimes even “serious crash” and you have to relaunch the app.
I’ll update if I remember or find others.

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It would be better to calrify for which devices updates are already built.
If feedback is desired, it is a bit needless to tell that there is no update, if there can’t be one.

Additionally, it is not possible to distinguish between “update is currently not built” and “update was built but can’t be found”.

Regarding update: Installed and working. Nothing obvious changed for me so far.

Vendor Name : Fairphone
Device name : FP3
Device CodeName : FP3
Version of /e/OS: v1.10 stable
Device is not Rooted, bootloader locked

I have also the high battery drain bug. Fortunately removing e-account help as suggested.

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I have a Samung Galaxy S9 (G965F) with eOS 1.11 and Android 10.
When will there be an update with Android 11 or 12 and can it be installed OTA?

Check the weekly development topics :


Solved rebooting!!!
Rebooted for other reason and the version was already 1.11.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I will change the formatting.Since I was on vacation I was not able to backup my data before formatting.

1.10 before

Otherwose works fine but I encounter very high battery drain even in idle modd when the scrreem is off. Battery statistics doesnt help. Similar battery drain was felt also with 1.10 and I hoped it would be fixed with 1.11 but it is not. The screen off mode consumes more than 200mA.

On my FP3, I am not able to reestablish bluetooth- connection to my hearing aid (brand: phonak). Removing/deleting and reconnecting doesn’t work either (device is found and connects for a second, then connection gets dropped).

Other device ( Bluetooth headset) works fine.

On 1.09 the hearing aid worked well, 1.10 i skipped. So I don’t know if this bug is specific to 1.11 or 1.10

Fairphone | FP3 with FP3+ camera module | /e/OS 1.11-s-20230510288098-stable-FP3 | not rooted

Battery drain issue as reported above, battery lasts about half a day.

Also, last night (a couple of hours after the upgrade) the phone rebooted and went into recovery mode after plugging the charger in. Rebooting once more solved this issue. Has occurred only once so far, so I cannot give any more details.

Vendor Name Fairphone
Device name FP4
Device CodeName FP4 5G
Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously e-1.10-s-20230412278810-stable-FP4
Is the device Not rooted

It is working well

Using FP4. Updated to 1.1 recently. Mostly worked, but a couple of issues I’ve noticed.

  • My carefully-placed icons reset to alphabetical order (this often happens on updates!)
  • GPS can no longer lock on accurately for more than a second or so. Thus any GPS-tracking application is useless. As a result I would like to roll back to 1.10, but not worked out how yet.

Hello all,

12. 1.11-s-20230510288098-stable-FP3

on of our Fairphones3+ here turns off and sometimes it turns on again by itself, but then the boot-up takes a lot of time. About 20 minutes. And sometimes I have to remove the battery to make it work again.

I do not have any special apps installed. There is also enough memory. Also, the phone does not get hot. Androidstudio etc. I have already installed to debug. Need there but guidance since I’m not a programmer.

I can someone help me narrow down the error, or maybe even find it?

Thanks a lot
and best regards

I created this thread because of I am not yet started to hunt bugs but I am investigeting only by eye. Here is my list of problems so far and I how I solved the ones that I solved.

Phone: Oneplus 9 pro Le2120

Solved ones:

1- First of all the root problem.

Some apps were giving warning and they were not opening because they were complain that phone was rooted. This is because of usedebug is on. After turn of this setting to zero all apps started working but in order to make this change you should close the disable-verity from adb. I think dev releases can come with disabled userdebug and we can open after install from developer setting or another.( For ex: starbucks required unroot and some bank apps.)

2- Telegram notification problem.

When I used telegram official application it was not showing notifications even calls. But after switching FOSS version from App Lounge this problem solved.

3- I was try to install /e os first time the boot.img and vendor_boot.img didn’t work with /e recovery I had to find solution from /e os community and extract boot.img and vendor_boot.img files from /e installation zip with payload dumper and used them. After that I was successfull but I don’t understand why uncompatible ones are uploaded as official download links.

Unsolved ones:

1- /e os mail app notifications.

When I use 2 mail account with /e os mail application it only shows notifications from chosen account.

2- Gmail notifications not working.

3- Shelter App Icons on launcher.

When install apps to shelter only some app icons created automatically and other need to open inside shelter. And when click “create unfreeze/ launch shortcut” it creates 2 icons.

4- Auto brightness not working correctly almost every time I choose manual.

5a - Aurora Store google account login.

App Lounge as default only shows opensource versions of apps if exist and doesn’t show official in this case. But sometimes we might need official. So for this when using Aurora Store and want to login your google account becasue searching apps is rate limited you need to confirm google login from another device.

5b- Because in /e os even gmail installed, you can’t use as a google login approve device even google account from migroG already set.

6- Proton apps login every app seperately.

I use proton products like mail, vpn etc. But when I login one of them usually in official rom it recognizes account and show from another app but in proton I logged in all 4 apps one by one.

For yandex apps when you loggin all other recognizes and you don’t need to logging every one of them.

7-Google meet doesn’t work. It can’t find google accounts from migroG or browser logged in accounts.

I know it is not make sense to use google meet on /e os but I wanted to use this for communicate for a reason(maybe inside shelter or maybe freeze and unfreeze every time when I want to use).

8- Sometimes rapid charge doesn’t start only slow charging. I unplug and plug charger again and then rapid charge working.


1- Is there any way to make aurora store silent auto confirm installation like App Lounge?

2- Is there any way to move whatsapp history to /e os (prefably under shelter). I tried a solution from the /e community forum but it didn’t work. I think it doesn’t work now.

3- In google keyboard application and some others there is translate feature that I can use while writing and it is translating. This feature is greatly usefull but it doesn’t exist on default keyboard. Maybe there is foss version of google keyboard I wanted to ask here.

3.1- Also in default /e os keyboard app it doesn’t show which language keyboard is active one and that make confusion.

4- Screen translate

In stock rom there is a floating bar and from there you can click and it takes temporary screenshot and translates using google lens/. This feature is greatly usefull when traveling and I would like to find alternative solution if exist.

5- Are there anyone using google camera port or official oxygen of camera in /e os or similar solutions?

Note: I think /e os is perfect os in terms of user experience especially search feature like ios is greatly usefull feature for people who uses lots of apps and this feature doesn’t exist on anywhere. (there are some very slow solutions and they not usable.)

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Hi, two issues I have discovered with 1.11 is the battery drain issue and the speaker phone issue with Fairphone 4.

The battery drain issue seems resolved when I deleted the murena account, I have added all features separately, mail and notes via their apps, and files via the nextcloud app, so im not really sure what I am missing.

The issue with the speaker phone is that people can hear me very weak when having the speaker phone on, is it a noise canceling algorithm issue?

Another annoying GUI thing is that the browser doesnt hide the address bar on the page which I could previously, which makes the displayed part of the website much smaller. Previously I could scroll down during a game in landscape mode and the adressbar disappeared. (this might actually help my addiction though so dont stress with this one :diving_mask:)

Also wanted to add that I had the issue with bluetooth not working but erasing the cache solved it.

Thank you so much for your hard work!



on one of out two phones there was offered an OTA update to OS 1.11 from 10th of may. On our second phone there is no update offered. It lasts on 1.10 and Android 10

What can I do to update the second one also to OS 1.11?

What devices are we talking about?

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It is a GS290 like the other one

Is the one with v1.11 allready on Android 11?