Feedback for v1.6

I have an issue of battery draining really fast, on a fairphone 2 “FP2” with /e/OS 1.6-202212202239576 installed on 15/12. I had 1.5 before.
I looked at the battery usage and the use of the screen is quite important.
Moreover, the phone rebooted by itself a few time automatically, all since the update.
After one reboot (I think it was because of empty battery) the recovery screen appaeared (reboot system nom, apply update/factory reset) I rather switch off the phone again and could open it again.
Should I do a factory reset?
Could someone please help?


I don’t remember exactly what version it was on before, but it was the latest stable version before 1.6

It is a Murena phone if that matters.

Bootloader is locked.

Thanks, but unfortunately that didn’t work for me. The phone is still stuck at the boot screen.

Is there anybody with another idea?

If I have to send it to Murena it probably won’t come back before January :frowning_face:

Maybe it matters because you may not want to try certain things like unlocking bootloader and interacting with device via adb and fastboot. As you bought a Murena device you perhaps don’t expect to have to do anything much to it. Quite understandable. Unlocking bootloader would wipe data.

Also you may want to preserve your user installed apps and data.

If you were resigned to losing your data you could try a factory reset from recovery and see if that will make it boot. It may, it may not.

Hello, since the update the deletions and removal of email no longer work.

Where can I check whether a specific update has already been released as OTA for a specific device (in my case FP3+)?

I’d just like to know whether it’s normal that no OTA update is offered (yet), or whether I have some kind of configuration issue that I need to look into

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You can get the required device codename from Smartphone Selector … for Fairphone 3/3+ it’s FP3.

I think the development of Q for FP3 has stopped, as the stable channel has switched to R, and the dev channel is only R and S. Maybe @Manoj can confirm this…?

They would surely put an end-of-support notice into the release notes at least…?

hi @Asperamanca & @MRTN We have not stopped Q builds.
On the FP3 dev and stable builds, the last update I had was there was an issue due to which the team was not able to release it. Checking with the team. Will update.

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Thanks for your help.

I think I will contact Murena and ask what to do, but I expect the worst (having to ship it back to them).

If I should find an easier solution I will let the community know, maybe someone else is having the same problem.

Thank you for this new release!

FP3 user here. Getting location to work is still hit and miss: I have to activate and deactivate real location and advanced privacy a bunch of times before it works. Also, location is imprecise (it detects me almost 1 km away from my actual location), both with Magic Earth and Google Maps (the latter which I’ve installed just to check whether or not it was just Magic Earth).

Another issue is that the browser will fail to load a webpage via mobile data. Turning mobile data off and on again does the trick.

Note that these issues were already present in version 1.5, so these aren’t specific to version 1.6.

Hi @Asperamanca the device in this case FP3 is now on R and as such the Q builds are not being built. Users should upgrade to R which is available OTA as well. For devices that are still on Q we continue Q builds.

Thanks for the quick update!
How do I update without data loss? I have read into some posts and articles, but they seem more intended for users who want to switch from stock android to e
Also, any reason not to upgrade to S right away?

FP3+ here.
This morning it gave me a scare, because the “e + bouncing dot” boot screen remained for ages (one or two minutes?) and I thought I was running into the issue mentioned by others around here, but just when I was starting to lose hope the boot succeeded. Usually (even after the update) it’s pretty fast. Seems a bit random for some reason.

Also (but perhaps not 1.6-related), yesterday the App Lounge complained about failing to get an anonymous token for the first time ever, but hitting “Retry” fixed it and I could update Signal afterwards. :woman_shrugging:

Via the Updater in the Settings.

OTA = Over the air = via mobile network or Wi-Fi = via updater.

Updater does not offer any updates. And how would I tell updater to update from q to r or s?

Only Stable channel offers an OTA upgrade, if you use a DEV build you have to do a manual upgrade.

I don’t understand. I installed e as per instructions about a year ago, and used OTA updates since. Just that they seemed to stop at 1.5 for q. So the question is how to upgrade to r or s without data loss.

Oh…could it be that prior to 1.0, there were only dev builds, so the instructions back then linked to a dev image? And that I had been on dev channel ever since?
Any way to change that?

I’ve also had these same 2 issues with my FP3+ following update from 1.5r to 1.6r (stable), so not an isolated incident.
Time to restart now seen to vary, with the bouncing dot appearing for anything between just a few seconds (as with 1.5) to (what feels like) over a minute when it starts to cause concern.
I’ve only had the App Lounge anonymous token issue once, not seen before 1.6 update.

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