Feedback for v1.8

The battery usage is a little high.
I find an increase of a third: Usually I had about 1% per hour, now it is 1,5%.

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Fairphone 3
1.7r dev to 1.8
Not rooted

I am also noticing an unusually high usage of battery, to the point where I switched it for my spare one thinking it was the battery dying. The battery with a full charge does not hold longer than 7 hours tops, with zero usage of the phone during that time (I was sleeping).

The settings app for battery usage shows me very strange and seemingly random culprits: once it was Telegram spending 41% of the battery while the phone was idle, which wasn’t open and has battery optimization option on, then it was Pilfer Shush, a simple microphone lock that apparently used 36% also when the phone was idle, then it was Advanced Privacy which I also didn’t have on, etc. On every battery cycle it seems that a random app is suddenly using up a lot of it.

I hope you guys can look into this soon as it is a potentially hardware-damaging issue.
Otherwise, all works well for me.

Thank you!

Hi @berenice @mungo For the FP3 battery drain issue we have a bug in gitlab you can share your comments and screenshots there


Hi thanks for your answer.
I bought the phone from e yes, I didn’t ask support, I will do it (didn’t think of it).

I dunno what you’re talking about ADB :frowning:

Me. Got so me problems - check upside.

FP3+ still getting the some-boots-are-really-long issue (Feedback for v1.7 - #185 by alice_m · Feedback for v1.6 - #125 by alice_m), although perhaps less frequently (10–20%?).

@alice_m I went into boot time tracing in a german language thread with a fp3 user, if you’re curious to its origin.

Not sure if bootchart will be sufficient though to really see what is the culprit, a slow boot didn’t happen since it is profiled per boot for the user - Lange Startzeit seit e-1.7-r - #16 by tcecyk

Thanks. I can’t read German though xD And automatic translation is kinda meh due to how technical this thread looks. If I got that right, you people have suspicions but no clear cause in sight yet?
I ran a quick ticket search on the lab (“boot” + “FP3” label):

So I guess it’s being tracked.

@alice_m looked at #6501 - seems like the 5 minute selinux restorecon is quite a hint what’s stealing time

There’s an issue with the Gallery app since 1.8.1, but the the fix is in progress…

If you use “Simple gallery Pro” you can refresh the page by swiping down the the main screen… Then all new pics should be displayed normally.

Sony Xperia
Z5 Compact
Not rooted

OS seems to run good so far, but MHL functionality is broken!
Worked not long ago, cant guarantee it was still working in 1.7., but for sure before it. Restart with MHL cable and device connected doesnt help either.
As wireless screen share doesnt work for the Xperia devices it would be great to have the MHL option back if thats possible.
Thanks for all you efforts all of you /e/ people!

Same phone battery drains suddenly in about 10 hours after installing 1.8.1, while normally I had 60% left after 16 hours

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Samsung S9+

Nationwide Banking App stuck on loading screen since upgrade. First time in 3 years I’ve considered moving back to vanilla android.

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No need for that: there are several up-to-date custom ROMs available for this device on XDA, including an unofficial LOS 19.1 ROM](

Take that and install minMicrog from [here](Releases · FriendlyNeighborhoodShane/MinMicroG_releases · GitHub and you should be OK

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I think @AnotherElk talk about this:

Vendor: Fairphone
Device: FP3
Previous /e/OS Version: 1.7…
Not rooted

Since the update the battery seems to be draining a lot faster. It’s not lasting a full day for me now.
I’ve checked the battery usage and according to that there are no apps using very much battery. Previously my battery would last a couple of days.

On my FP3 without + modules I think something similar is going on. :frowning:

Cannot confirm faster battery drain on my S7.
Did you clear cache of apps or anything alike already?

You may try simple gallery (FDroid) instead of built in gallery, it’s much faster (but lacks a few editing options…)

Hi Obacht,

somehow the battery drain seems to have been self repaired over the last days. I can‘t imagine how this happens.
I didn‘t try your proposal regarding the gallery app yet. However I‘m already using a different app (Photomap) which shows exactly the same behaviour as the builtin gallery.

Vielen Dank / thanks a lot!

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