Feedback for v1.9

It has been reported that a reboot can help.

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Provider name: Murena

Device name: Fairphone

Device code name: FP3+

Version of /e/OS or stock that existed before: 1.8

Is the device rooted / not rooted: bought in the Murena shop

When I click 1 in the contacts app (see picture), the browser now opens with This was not the case in Android 11 (v 1.8) and earlier.

If I click on 2 (see picture), I can select the desired navigation app.

I find that a pity on a “de-googled” phone.

Does anyone know how I can deactivate the link to Google again?

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I can partially reproduce this issue mentioned by @columcille but only with a contact which I created via Maps. The google link appears to me to have been created by Maps to provide location information.

Regression / similar to

A workaround is to ensure that such link is always opened by Magic Earth.


Usually after one or two reboots it works again

Hello now I could update my Samsung galaxy s10+ with the v1.9 S manually (still don’t know how it works to upgrade the recovery too).

now the only thing that surprised me is the new design of the the OS.
Especially, I find the new design of the taskbar above not that quite smart.
Huge bubbles as buttons (take more place), and should tap much more to activate wifi/internet, the direct access to the bluetooth hw list disappears.
The notification area use the whole display. And for notifications to display is not that logic, done in 2 steps: swish from top to bottom, then bottom to top. More complex and illogical as before. why ?
i’m not so fine about this new ux-experiences.
Would like to have the old taskbar one (with the new os).
Is that possible to have this taskbar or notification panel (don’t know exactly the name of it sorry) like the one in 1.8? which options could it be?

Because Google apparently liked it this way and introduced these changes in the Android 12 (S) base, from which all stock OS vendors and custom ROM communities make their Android 12.

The name is “Quick Settings”, and you would have had the same look already if you would have been on Android 12 (S) with /e/OS 1.8. It’s not the /e/OS version that’s responsible, it’s the underlying Android version.

There are ways to customise this menu in the way you like. I saw mentions of “AOSP Mods” and “Power Shade”, but I have no experience with either.
(I use the Quick Settings menu so rarely that after adding the seperated Wi-Fi and Mobile data toggles back to the menu I decided to not bother any more.)

How can I ensure that such a link is always opened by Magic Earth or another navigation app? It seems to me that I don’t have any choice: the arrow just opens in the browser.

@columcille, in my second screenshot I show the point where I was presented with an option headed “Open links with Magic Earth” and (in light of your post !) I chose always.

Idk … but say you followed the link with Browser, but not “just once” but “always” … I guess you will not see the “Open links with Magic Earth” option again.

You still have another workaround … I think … I tried this with a different example … you can edit the contact from Contacts app, now scrolling down you can see the geolocation field and delete it. Now I believe no “Navigate to” icon will show for this contact.

… where the “Navigate to” icon {1. in your screen shot} is really the subject of your “issue” … I think.

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What is the difference between 1.9 and 1.9.1 when I’m alreads on S stable?

  • Vendor Name: Fairphone
  • Device name: Fairphone 3+
  • Device CodeName: FP3
  • Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously: 1.9
  • Device is not Rooted

Update worked to 1.9.1

Help needed: I cannot find the option for mobile data use to “always ask” me when using them NOT via WLAN. This caused that I accidentally used 500MB just because my phone lost WLAN connection and did not inform me that it wants to use mobile data. This is really annoying. Is this a bug or just an useful option that is not offered anymore???

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Apart from the fact that (pending further info) nothing much should be different in 1.9.1 compared to 1.9 …

I’m only aware of an “Always ask” in this context in case there are 2 SIM cards in the phone. In case of only 1 SIM card I’m not aware of an “Always ask” … but if this should exist, I’ll happily learn.

You could simply turn Mobile data on and off in the Quick Settings (see here how to get the separate toggle back in /e/OS Android 12), or perhaps the data warning and data limit settings can do something for you?

@aibd + @columcille … looked up the Contacts behaviour. I described the fix at … it uses the agnostic way for address lookup, but not directions. I created a PR. Downside is… you can’t preselect it as destination with the geo: format as you can do with regular http links to google-maps


Google PIxel 4a 5G, Bramble from /e/ OS 1.8.1 R to 1.9
Result : No new version available.
It seems that the 1.9 S exist but not the 1.9 R version.

  • Vendor name: OnePlus
  • Device name: Nord
  • Device CodeName: avicii
  • Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously: 1.8.1
  • The device is not rooted (I suppose)

The Installation worked as expected.
However, since the update the battery usage has gone way up.
It seems as the phone never goes to idle state.
Even when not actively using the phone it’s discharging as if it was beeing actively used.
Before the update I had to recharge once every 24 hours, now its like every 8 hours.

In the following screenshot in the marked time, the phone was never used but discharched at a fairly quick rate:

I had a number of similar issues in the past until I learned of

Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options > Mobile data always active | Switch OFF

This post and following comments refer

Thank you for the answer. Due to the answer I found also via a web search I suppose that this feature was not used by many people. To make it clear: There was the general option to choose whether to allow apps to use mobile data, not allow it OR to let them always ask you. Last option results in: When you are in Mobile data and start an application, it will ask you by a popup question window whether to cancel the action, to allow it one time (!), or to allow it always. So, you could let some apps allways have access to mobil data, others will remind you that you are not using WLAN. That was great for me and I would like to have it back.

Thank you for your answer and the hint. I tried it so maybe the phone stops to lose WLAN connection and starts using mobile data.
But I still would like to have the option back that my phone asks me, if I am sure that I want to use mobile data. It worked that way: When you are in Mobile data and start an application, it will ask you by a popup question window whether to cancel the action, to allow it one time (!), or to allow it always. So, you could let some apps always have access to mobile data, others will remind you that you are not using WLAN. That was great for me and I would like to have it back.

I think the way to go would be to open an issue in the GitLab to start a direct conversation with the developers about this …

Can you link to a reference?
I’m still curious about the asking part.
Every setting I’m aware of to restrict mobile data usage of Apps apart from the general on/off is just an on/off toggle per individual App.
The internet suggests to me that Firewall Apps also only provide on/off settings per App and don’t ask every time … but could it perhaps have been an App like this providing this feature?

And, if further info doesn’t contradict this, there’s still the point that nothing substantial should have changed from 1.9 to 1.9.1. According to the current info they just ran the building process again to make it appear in the updater again after 1.9 didn’t show for some reason, and they named it 1.9.1 for this, so why would any feature or setting disappear or change?