Feedback installing easy-installer on Debian 10/GNU Linux

The tutorial I have followed:

1/ On Debian you must install the packages snap-core after installation of snapd (not the package snap :grinning: )
2/ After installation don’t forget to close and re-open your gnome session.

Hello, I’m trying to use easy-installer on Debian 10 and Xfce 4.12.
The terminal seems to indicate that the installation is complete including core, but I can’t find the easy-installer in my app list and the command “easy-installer” don’t work in my terminal.

Did you already try the second hint of the original poster? Sure, in their case it was Gnome and you run Xfce, but maybe the general principle “restart your desktop session” helps?

If it doesn’t, a way to run the installer from a terminal is described in Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

@Ingo_FP_Angel , if I reboot my computer, the easy-installer still don’t appear in my list of applications. But I found the way to launch it with the terminal command : “sudo /snap/bin/easy-installer” + pass word. And “snap run easy-installer” work also.

Unfortunately, the easy-installer is not easy to install and use on Debian but also don’t install easily /e/ OS. I’ve already spent many times with no success… The step-by-step process doesn’t permit coming back and in a certain time there is no screenshot to be sure about the right path. Each mistake need a new restart of easy-installer which is not realy easy in this actual beta version. But finally and after 5 or 6 the installation is done. So nothing impossible even for a beginner if he or she is patient enough. Let’s free our phones!

This was the same for me on Devuan.