Files app (on web): sharing and online editing

I’ve beeng trying the Files feature in (PC) and I find it is nice and has the basic features, but I do miss some that I use regularly on Dropbox, such as online document editing. I know that Dropbox uses microsoft Office online for that, and that would be out of question in /e/, but I wonder if such a feature could be possible in the future in open source. I’ve looked if there’s anything such as online Libreoffice, but didn’t find anything.

Apart from that, I’ve been trying the ‘share’ feature and shared a doc with my gmail address, but nothing happened (i received no notification whatsoever). If I want to share a file with someone with gmail account, will she be able to see it (and maybe some day edit it)?

Onlyoffice may be what you are looking for @graz !

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About the online editor and other stuff, look at FramaSoft website, first link of that topic :

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