Firefox Klar install failed

I tried to insatall Firefox Klar from Apps on a Samsung S7
after downloading the install freeze on “installing”

Hi @pol there are some issues with Apps which causes applications to freeze or not install. The team is working on resolving them. As a workaround you can download the app from one of the options given here

As far as I know, Firefox Klar is a different (and tracker-free) version of Firefox Focus for DACH countries (Deutschland, Austria, Confederation Helvetique – don’t ask me who is the idiot who invented an acronym using countries’ names in three different languages).

I was able to install it while living in Italy, but it was not straightforward. And I forgot how I was eventually able to do it (I’m sorry).

i will wait or try on of the other way

may be it’s because i try to install it from France

I had some difficulties to install /e
so it’s why i was asking
when using Heimdall to install TWRP
everything stop at the end of downloading i didn’t knew what to do .
after several try ,
i found the way to shut down and reboot the S7 here :