Fitbit app: "Something went wrong"

Hello folks,
Device: Teracube2e zirconia (“first batch”)
OS: /e/ 2.1s (latest)
Application: fitbit (www. which has been acquired by google.
(Accessory: fitbit Sense smartwatch)
This watch was given to me as a gift

In order to set up the watch, you need the fitbit app to be running on the phone. I can download and install the app no problem. It requires a google account to sign in. I do have a google account from before and managed to avoid using it uptil now, but in this case I decided to use it and did establish this google account on /e/. It went without problems.

However, when I try to sign in with this google account in the fitbit app, I get the “Something went wrong. Please try again” meassage with 100% consistency. The screenshot is as follows:

No other app has problems of this kind, not even banking apps.

Any ideas?


I have the same problem with my phones. No problem when running other roms with MicroG baked in.

Exactly what phones are you referring to? With which /e/ version? What other ROMs?
So it seems this is some non-microg bug in /e/?
The same phenomenon happens if I try the Google fit app (the error message here is either “we cannot reach Google right now, please try again later” or nothing with an infinite wait) . Have you tried this app?

Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 6 using the latest 2.1t

Everything works okay except Fitbit signin with Google.
EDIT: Google Fit app doesn’t work either.

Fitbit works with CalyxOS which I configure using MicroG.