Fitness Trackers

Has anyone used or thought about using one of the major brand fitness trackers with an Android device running /e/? With my iPhone it was pretty easy…Apple Watch, but the question gets a little harder with Android and even more so if you start to care about your data. Looking at the Samsung Health and FitBit apps in ‘Apps’ on my device shows that quite a few trackers come with either app. That doesn’t even address the question of what servers the health data is transported to.

Does using a fitness tracker basically come down to trusting the company with your data it to abuse it? Is it possible to be too paranoid? I feel like it would be unfortunate if those of us who are trying to be more privacy minded are locked out of the fitness tracker market.

Be interested in everyone’s thoughts on the subject.

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Yes, I think so. Don’t know of any trackers which are privacy friendly.

They all store data somewhere.


If I had used any smart watch or fitness band, I would never provide it with internet connection and only sync with Gadgetbridge open-source mobile app.


I absolutely understand the concern there but I wonder how feasible that is (will GadgetBridge work with Samsung watches) and if it might be possible to be too dogmatic. While privacy is important, to what extent do we limit our use of new technology.

Anyone have experience with one of those GPS watches? I wonder if they can work without requiring an internet connection or an app. Those might be the better option if they allow for more privacy.

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I have this same question, but related to apps: can anyone recommend a good, privacy safe Health app that logs your BP, weight, fitness routines, sleep, etc?

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I search for the same thing - as /e/ is coming to Fairphone 3 in the next future I need some replacements. At the moment I’m using Google Fit and don’t know if it is secure or not …


These are several fitness tracker apps on Fdroid in the in the sports and health section some of them look like they store information on you’re phone and not the cloud, I don’t use any myself.

I have tried fitotrack from fdroid to track me whilst running and also use mi smartband4 with gadgetbridge succesful since quite some time now :slight_smile:

i can really recommend Withings. They are:

  • privacy-safe, they mention it at several points
  • not owned by a big corp + they do not sell ANY data to other companies
  • their products are amazing, and importantly, wifi-based instead of bluetooth (which means you can just use them, without having to also use your phone at the same time, and the data automatically sync)
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look at their privacy policy! + they are self-owned + they do not sell data to outside companies, so no ties to FAANG. They also just have amazing products (everything they have syncs via wifi, instead of bluetooth what you see often, which means you do not have to have your phone ready every time you step on the scale - your phone can even be off and it will still sync)

Thanks to @Rik and @Chimpthepimp for their suggestion on this thread.
I go on Exodus for see trackers on Withings Health Mate and Gadgetbridge.

This is the report for Withings Health Mate (3 trakers):
Google AdMob
Google CrashLytics
Google Firebase Analytics

I think is more privacy friendly Gadgetbridge, as its report says 0 trackers.

I’m planning to buy a fit band, so I’m oriented to use Gadgetbridge and Mi Band 5 (now fully supported as you can see on the Blog), but this advice (See Pairing) seems to be not so nice, because using MiFit (also if only one time!) for pairing lead to a privacy exposure to MI that doesn’t like to me, also because i think that firmware updates will pass through the same MiFit process, with all the privacy issues…

What do you think about it?
Someone can help me to find the best privacy respectful pair Fitness Tracker/App?

@harvey186 (Privacy oriented!) @GaelDuval, @Manoj (App Store) what do you think about?

Thanks to every one.

Why do you want to use a “fitness tracker” in the frst place?

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

Though that “why” I want to use a fitness band is an uninfluent issue…

But we know that on fitness band are present some sensor that can do the difference for persons that suffers (or can suffers in the future!) health problems (heart monitoring, SPO2 sensor, above all for now, if you only consider heart diseases, but Apple is hard troubleshooting on a Glycemia sensor, already present on some models of its watch, and… what about a corporal temperature sensor for this Covid times?) and this is strictly connected with Privacy (Is not a news that Google was stopped on recollecting users health data many times… and we all known that Apple isn’t so much different on users data collecting!)

Don’t you also think that Insurance Companies should be very interested on that users data?
Don’t you also noticed that Banks are becoming part of this process and every day much more they are becoming InsuranceBanks?

I think that Users Health Data Privacy could be the point on no return in this process that links wonderful new technological features possibilities for peoples that suffers diseases and Big Companies Interest.

/e/OS offers a GREAT chance to many people to get Privacy on its own health data, and this, as far that I can see, is a very big opportunity (this is why I ask for @GaelDuval opinion).

MicroG support from eFoundation is a big great news, for me.
Gadgetbridge support or collaboration should be a big great news too, I think.
(I’m not related to neither of the two, for instance! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

Perhaps my answer is not so philosophic as your post :smile: but I greatly appreciate your question. Seriously :+1: :+1:

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As for the privacy doubt linked to the need to use (also if once!) the Mi app, I’ ll start my test using a Mi Band 3 and Gadgetbridge

If someone else have used Gadgetbridge, please, report here he’s experience.

Thanks you all for contributing.

Just received my new Mi Band 3.

I’ve installed Gadgetbridge from /e/ App Store. There are two App with the same name: the first simply call Gadgetbridge (by “unknown”), the second Gadgetbridge - Unoffical (by “Taavi E.”)
As you can read on the project page, you have to download the one from “unknown” that is the official release.
The App installed without problems, then ask for permissions: you have to give all the permission to get the app functioning properly.

Also remember to activate Bluetooth and Geolocalization services before pair your Mi Band 3.

The page starts displaing an empty screen and you’ve to press the “+” button to discover your Band. After a while, your device will appear. Tap on the name and wait till it starts to vibrate. Then tap on the screen of your device and the pairing is done.

From now, you’re ready to use as you like.

I’ve had no problems: all goes on very simply and the app seems to be easy to be used.

NOTE: updating my device to new /e/ version, I see that data are not visible at user level: needs root account or, if you prefere (and I DO!) can export Gadgetbridge’s db to Android/data/nodomain.freeyourgadget.gadgetbridge/files.

So when you need to do a clean install (I always prefere this way each time there’s a version number change) you can export the data, copy to your PC and then Import when you need.
A good practice is to remove the directory after you’ve seen the Import is OK.

Also is possible to work on your data on your PC for personalized statistics.

Here is a link to the wiki page describing the process you may follow.

1 mounth using GadgetBridge and 0 problems.

I think the stats should be improved, and the interface looks “basic”.
I build my own e roms, so do regularly backup and restore data, and till now doesn’t lost a single data.

Truly, I hope the developers find a way to bypass the need to install mi app for MiBand 4 and 5, for get privacy on that devices.

For now, this is my Fitness app.

@Rik, can you confirm that the Withings Health Mate app is working with /e/ and MicroG? It seems, that Garmin Connect is working just fine (link). I want to buy a new watch but I am not sure about compatibility with /e/ and MicroG. Unfortunately, both manufacturers are not yet avilable through Gadgetbridge (but both are work in progress, though).