Five inch smartphone

Hi everyone!
I was hoping to open up a conversation, if there is anyone who is missing smaller smartphones. When I bought my S9, this was the smallest at the time with required hardware for me, and I think it is too big and new phones are getting bigger and bigger.

There are some older phones with smaller screens that is compatible with /e/, but often the hardware is outdated, for my opinion.

I think it would be the best, if /e/ foundation ever make their own smartphone with 5" screen and uptodate hardware which should last for several years.

Does someone know if there are some manufacturers who are thinking about making smaller phones again? And compatible with /e/, of course!

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i also want an efficient pocket smartphone

but i think 5" is to big,
i have an Galaxy s4 with (5") that i don’t use as a daily device because it is to big for my pocket.
better was my iPhone 5s with (4"), or my actual s4mini with (4.3")
even the s5mini that is more reliable with its and 16gb storage start to be too big for the pocket with (4,5") screen.
and both s4mini and s5mini are only 1.5gbRAM


You want to discuss actual phone dimensions, as displays come in different ratios, and phones have different bezel widths around the display.

Else here you are, the Unihertz Titan … 4.6 inch display, a whopping 92.5 mm wide … now add your voice to Unihertz Titan (Pie) Device Request and have fun :wink: .

Tempting, but I have no use for a physical keyboard. I’ll stick with my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (and the Z3 Compact and Z5 Compact as backup devices) for now. The hardware may be ‘outdated’, but they all work well enough for my needs

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I also plan to stick with the XZ1 Compact. It was released in late 2017, but I bought mine new just a few months ago, specifically because I loved Sony’s compact line (hope they bring them back!). I have no complaints with the hardware at all: great camera, easy portability, all the basic functions…and now I’m running /e/ with Android 10.

I’m with you, but my pockets are a little bigger. 5 would be great, 6 is too big. I’m older, so eyesight is a slight, but growing issue.

The problem I’m seeing is the same one computers went/go through. Every time hardware advances, software gets bulkier too. Pretty soon your favorite apps will be updated so much they run poorly if at all on older phones.

Programmers used to have the utmost concern for resource efficiency (The Voyager space probes, for example, operate (still!) with less than 70 kb of memory). Now they hardly give it a second thought.

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The Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact as the successor of the XZ1 Compact is also quite small and has the advantage that it is supported by Lineageos and so it is quite easy to build and install /e/ for this device. I am not aware of a more recent small smartphone.

Unfortunately the XZ2 Compact doesn’t have VoLTE-capability in the U.S., so it’s a no-go for me.

Edit: It might be working with Verizon now, but I’m not sure.