Successful installation of /e/ Android Q on Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact (xz2c)

I managed to compile and install /e/ Android Q on a XZ2C device and wanted to share how I did it.


In order to compile /e/, I followed the steps described on and Is it possible to make Q builds using Docker?
with the following arguments:
-e “BRANCH_NAME=v1-q”
-e “DEVICE_LIST=xz2c”
-e “OTA_URL=” \

The final zip file was called “”


The Installation was a bit more tricky and I was confronted with a bit of try and error.

I unlocked the bootloader as written on the LineageOs guide “Unlocking the bootloader”

WARNING: This will permanently erase some Sony DRM-Keys and permanently unlock the bootloader (and possibly other things).

WARNING: After unlocking the bootloader I installed different versions of LineageOS and of the stock-Android. I can not recall the exact order, so be aware that some TWRP & LineageOS & Android combinations are not compatible (Android 9 vs Android 10 or stock vs sodp): read the package-descriptions!

I installed TWRP recovery from
I read and applied the first and the second post.
I followed the installation instructions 1-4 in the second post.
Instead of steps 5-6 I installed TWRP with the following command: “fastboot flash boot twrp-apollo.img”
I did not do steps 8-10

I had to go the TWRP-way, because the Lineage Recovery as described in did not work for my compiled os.
I got this idea from [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] OnePlus 7T Pro(hotdog) eOS - Q (Thank you @vxrdanny)

HINT: Since “fastboot devices” showed no device in the appropriate step for me on Windows, I had to manually install and select the correct driver for the Bootloader.

I followed the “Pre-install instructions” of and did the partition copy.

By adopting the instructions of “Installing LineageOS from recovery” of to TWRP, I managed to install e and after a reboot I was saluted by the e-logo :smiley:

Initial Tests

Android changed quite a bit between Nougat-LeEco Le 2 (s2) to the Q-xz2c.
In the few hours I tested it so far, I experienced only minor issues:

  • I can make calls and receive SMS
  • calendar, contacts, notes synchronization works with my own Nextcloud
  • E-Mail access works
  • Picture-Quality is better than on the s2 (and the camera works without problems :smiley: in comparison to the s2)
  • App-Installation via /e/-Apps, F-Droid and Aurora made no problems
  • The “Files”-App has some dialogues with white text on white background, so some buttons are unreadable (can not say if this is a Q-thing or a xz2c-thing)

Excellent! Did you check if GPS, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth and fingerprint work?

GPS: Magic Earth with navigation works
WiFi: I can connect to my WLAN-router
NFC: don’t have an application for it, so I never tested
Bluetooth: Received a file from my previous phone, but it took longer than expected - not sure about the reason
Fingerprint: Tested and I can access the phone with it

Good work on making the build! I hope to be able to take on my first build one day.

I’ve noticed the Files app missing dialogue on an unofficial build for Xperia XA2 which is also e-0.14-q, so it may be a pre-release glitch I guess.

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Hi guys, do not hesitate to :heart: my request here to increase the chance for this device to be officially supported maybe one day: Sony XZ2 Compact dual sim (8324) At least it’s worth a try