Flash parties for /e/OS

Some time back - to be precise, before the pandemic, some users had volunteered and started organizing flash parties in various EU locations. Wanted to check if there is an interest to revive such initiatives.

Flash parties as you may know are basically a get-together of users. In these events, some expert users volunteer to help install the OS on the device of other users. The users seeking assistance understand the installation is at their own risk and the volunteers are just trying to help.

These events are not organized by Murena, but I can check if /e/OS team members can also be a part of it provided the venues are accessible to them.

Is there any interest to organize such events?

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I stumbled upon this some time back …

They list the e foundation among references of OSes they can install or help users install on devices … https://www.topio.info/smartphone.htm


I am interested in helping other Users to get /e/OS…


yay flash party! how could existing structures be used and contributed to? less burden on organisation. They are out there and already know locations and public venues to congregate on.

Fairphone has the Angel concept per city. The FSFE did various campaigns on android flashing and has an event once per month. The Right-to-Repair movement is close to flashers. Orgs that do “software freedom and rights” that link events to flash parties.

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It’s not just about flashing /e/OS.

Rather, it is the integration of the cloud into the system. Many users don’t realize the full potential of what the murenaCloud can do for their daily workflow (myself included).

And for users to recognize each other, we need murena t-shirts in the store! :crazy_face:

And the most important, have a good time together and good discussions… :nerd_face:

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During the Munich Fairphone community meeting /e/OS can be flashed (at least on a Fairphone… :wink: ).


The way this was being organized earlier was a group of users would

  • choose a location.
  • Based on consensus, the date and time was set.
    Maybe that approach could be taken.
    I am checking if we could share some Murena goodies like stickers, posters and may be a couple of T-Shirts.
    Also checking if any of the /e/OS Team members from that locality can also join :crossed_fingers:

Some ground rules for the flash parties:

  • The service is voluntary and the user requesting help is accepting it at their own risk
  • The user requesting help should take care of their data backup or be prepared to lose data existing on the phone
  • The users should come with their own cables and chargers where possible
  • volunteers are under no liability in case the device bricks as a result of the installation
    In spite of all our experience, devices installs can go wrong.

I have a Pie /e/OS and would like to find someone to flash to update /e/OS on my MI8.
My brother offered me the MI8 and he installed /E/Os on it (he spent two days back in 2019 and he has a high level in computer science).
A friend of mine “broke” his phone while trying to instal /e/Os, and i think i could make errors too.
So for me a flash party would be useful (in Brittany/Bretagne if some peoples are interested).

I’m interested to help and located in Zurich.


One thing I would strongly recommend is to properly define beforehand what the party will offer. Most and foremost, clarify your willingness or unwillingness to deal with the backup of a participant’s phone data. My impression is that those who want help with the transition to a custom ROM almost always want to have their backup taken care of by the helper, too.

I for my part have recently made it clear to people requesting help with installing a custom ROM on their Fairphones that I will not take care of their backup - so they either need to backup by themselves beforehand or not mind losing their data.


Good point…have added a set of ground rules in my post. We can add to that list.


@e-media : Michel pourrait être intéressé :blush:

@michelR je t’associe à ce thread suite remarque de @Julien …

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je ne savais pas que @michelR Ă©tait lĂ  aussi :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’d be very interested in helping organize an event. Anywhere between Bern and Interlaken (Switzerland). I’m not an expert, but a fan. And after enjoying a preinstalled Samsung S9, I’m in the progress of installing eOS on an Asus Zenfone. Would be excited to get together with likeminded and support conversion of phone owners to eOS.

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