Flash parties for /e/OS


I am interested in Flash Parties for /e/OS !

I definitely am interested in having goodies or flyers or any other communication material to make our meeting more visible on-site ! Someone talked about t-shirts or was it hoodies ? :crazy_face:

Next meetup is planned for next week, so it may be short to communicate widely about /e/OS flashing party.

I believe also to be cristal clear with people attending to avoid bad first experiences and dataloss as they discover /e/OS.
This is something LUG are familiar with as similar situation shall be overcome when first Linux installation is done on a laptop or PC, here is French “unliability document” used by Guilde: time to update “computer” with “any electronic device” :wink: .

As a sidenote, idea came on French post about Flashing Parties to have a map . So that, I started that on eOS Flashing Parties - uMap
(Do not hesitate to indicate if it has to be changed, updated, removed, it is just a “first draft” map.)

Low Memory


I would also be more than happy to host such a party. Gathering attendance though
 I think gaining visibility without using SoMe is generally really hard :person_shrugging:

You can add on the map the flash-party that @LePoissonLibre and I will do at next JDLL: April 1 and 2

I have just done it.
Do not hesitate to tell me if you want any presentation text or anything.

Thanks @LowMemory, but the map link now leads to an HTTP 404 error

If you put it back online, you can add the following information (in French):
“Inscription obligatoire: plus d’informations sur Flash-party /e/ OS aux JDLL 2023”

Thanks for info about 404 error!

As stated in this (French) post: Disparition de mes cartes sur Umap - uMap & Framacarte: créer / diffuser des cartes en - Forum OSM France , it seems it is a bug and maps may reappear.

I’ll add information on JDLL as soon as map comes back.

The map seems to be back

Thanks for letting me know. I go to my flashing party now !

Hopefully, I will have some time to modify it from there ! :wink:

I have just added your eOS flashing parties.



Here is an information about a new flash party :

  • in Toulouse (France)
  • “La Rebooterie”, 29 bis Avenue des Mazades, 31200 Toulouse
  • January, 27th, from 14h to 17h30

@Julien already created flash parties in this place with @e-media , years ago, and I’m continuing :wink:

I’ll explain how to back up and flash a phone, and if the phone is compatible, each participant will manipulate, at his own risks.
It is strongly recommanded to come with a computer, ideally a linux pc.
To register for the flash party, please write me an email to “degooglise.toulouse at framalistes dot org”.

“La Rebooterie” is an association, so the flash party is organized for the members, but the inscription fee is very low (10€ minimum for a year). Please contact them (https://larebooterie.fr/)

I plan to to organize those flash parties each month, usually, the last Saturday of the month.

:fr:En Français :

Voici les informations d’un nouvelle flash partie

  • Ă  Toulouse
  • “La Rebooterie”, 29 bis Avenue des Mazades, 31200 Toulouse
  • le Samedi 27 Janvier, de 14h Ă  17h30

@Julien avait déjà créé des flash parties à cet endroit avec @e-media, il y a quelques années, je continue :wink:

J’expliquerai comment sauvegarder, flasher un tĂ©lĂ©phone et si le tĂ©lĂ©phone est compatible, chaque participant fera les manipulations, Ă  ses propres risques.
Il est fortement recommandé de venir avec un ordinateur, idéalement sous linux.
Pour vous inscrire à la flash partie, veuillez m’envoyer un mail à “degooglise.toulouse at framalistes dot org”.

“La Rebooterie” est une association, donc la flash partie est organisĂ©e pour ses membres, mais le montant de l’inscription est faible (10€ minimum /an). Merci de les contacter (https://larebooterie.fr/)

Je prĂ©vois d’organiser ces flash parties chaque mois, d’habitude le dernier samedi du mois.


Hi there,

In the east of the Netherlands, Oosterbeek to be precise, I and another Android enthousiast help people get /e/OS or LineageOS on their devices. We use the Repaircafé as the venue. To make it simple for us, we use the Easy Installer to get /e/OS or use Open Android Installer by Tobias Sterbak to get /e/OS or other custom ROMS (with TWRP). We donŽt provide in backups.
Unfortunately we havenÂŽt been able to flash phones yet. People came with phones that were too old and therefore not suitable for flashing, or came with questions nothing to do with flashing. We will continue though, but will inform the public better of what to expect.
We use promotional material from the Free Software Foundation. They have this project called Upcycling Android. I think this project is a very suitable flag to organize flash parties under.


Flash-party in Lyon (France), on Saturday 25 May 2024 and Sunday 26 May 2024

Information and booking: https://cryptoparty.in/lyon


Not exactly a Flash party , but a repair café where we try to flash as much eOS as possible .

Saturday 18/5 in Aubagne France