For Sale: Gigaset GS290

Dear Community,

up for sale is a nearly new:

Gigaset GS290 in titanium grey
flashed with /e/OS
Original box and accessories are included.

I intended to use it for myself, but I soft bricked it during the installation. Fortunately, a fellow forum member helped me to unbrick the phone and now it runs /e/OS flawlessly. As I was in need of a phone in the meantime I got another and now I don’t need the GS290 anymore. However, I’d be happy if the phone was put to good use.

Shipping could be done within the E.U.

As the phone is in a very good condition I’d like to sell it for 130 Euro + shipping.

Send me a message if you’re interested. Just be a bit patient with my reply. I’m very busy during the week, but I’ll reply to any serious request.

Here is the whole story of me bricking the phone, if you’re interested:

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Hey, I’m interested !
I’m very serious. I was planning to buy one, and when I was ready, they were out of stock in the store :confused:
No problem for waiting until the end of the week !

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actually, the phone is already located in France, as somebody from France helped me flashing /e/OS. So this should be local shipping costs.

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I can confirm this is serious : I have the device, in perfect condition, ready to be sent when @gs290_brick tells me.
Please do not show your private phone number here, this forum is public access :wink:

You may continue this discussion privately …

Dear @AlethG

I’d like to send you a PM, but there is no message button when clicking your avatar. I’ll have more time on Friday to look into this. I assume you posted a french number.

Somehow we’ll manage to get in contact.

As both of your users are quite new here, it may not work …

I’ve just tried and it does not work :confused:
Will try to get in touch with the admin

Hi there,

Good news, the device has been delivered and money just arrived :slight_smile: