Format sdcard as "external" or "internal" when installing stable /e/os on fresh stock OS fairphone4?

With your all help now my daugther is happily fiddling her’s.

Tomorrow I’d like to get on my new fp4 e/os running. I already see how to install all and it seems nice and easy, already unlocked bootloader and fetched the /e/os image.

So I read someplace that /e/os might have trouble running the removable sdcard slot as “adoptable storage” (= get integrated into the overall filetree). So maybe you can tell me if this just is an anchient relict or still an issue? My mobile should be stable as possible…(well, still using /e/os, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) so should I format the sdcard as “external storage”?

Some more context:

My old mobile got 10years old. I did replace the removable sdcard twice (because of wearout). The internal is just not removable and now time has come to say goodbye to my old phone.

Again I hope to get old with my new mobile. So I rather let the removable sdcard wear over the course of time, which brings the dilemma: make as many writings as configurable to be done to the removable and not to the internal, while seeing formatted as “external storage” per se is unencrypted (only having some userland tools to have some “encryption hacks” at hand)

The innocent question How to add sdcard to fresh murane fairfone4 so all userdata of all apps gets there? showed me it is not that simple.

1st stepp will be: attach sdcard, format+setup /e/os and get my phone number working at all. So format “as external storage” or "as adoptable internal storage?

In November 2022, I was shown this warning (lower half) when prompted to choose how to format the SD card on my FP3+:

It’s also remarkable that in contrast to /e/OS (the screenshot), stock Android (with Google services) usually offers (extra) phone storage (= “internal”) as the first (upper) option (without any warning). Portable storage equals “external”.

This warning might no longer apply and might have never shown on the FP4, but I thought I would mention and show it here so you know that at one point, /e/ actually added this warning. I think they would not drop it unless there had been a significant improvement in the meantime. So when you go to making the choice, you will see if the warning is still there or not.


I installed /e/os, and now I can only format removable sdcard “yes/no?”! There is no choice if adoptable or external storage. It will format as external storage with DOS partition table, one partition covering whole sdcard, formated as exfat filesystem. And I was provided only some few Download/Pictures/Documents folder.

/e/ OS-Version: 1.123.3-s-20230615299639-stable-FP4

Now what I did instead: insert pre-formated sdcard: gtp partition table (instead of dos), one partition, leave some pace in the rear, formated as ext4. Then factory reset+format.

Now I have an external storage (can unmount it) and there are a whole pletora of folders, mirroring the folder structure of the internal storage. Will try to live with this.

If someone sees a stable way to incorporate removable sdcards as adoptable (and encrypted) storage, please tell me. I don’t see that here. Seems I am left without choices and I suggest to add a internal sdcard storage module for any successor for fairphoneX. So one can replace worn out sdcards.

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