How to add sdcard to fresh murane fairfone4 so all userdata of all apps gets there?

So after buying murena fp4.
My new 128GB sdcard from my linux pc: I created new gpt partition table, added one partition and formated ext4 via something like

mkfs.ext4 -O 64bit /dev/XXX

I inserted that card in the virgin fp4 and bootet it up, installed latest e/os update. Now I am a bit clueless how to integrate the already ext4 pre-formated sdcard.

Do I need to reformat inside mobile? Or may I just go along?
SD Card: Used be accident “Adoptable Storage”… speaks of “classical external” vs “Adoptable/internal”.

I would like to be able to put mostly all "user"data of all apps there. Including Downloaded stuff and of course Pictures/Videos captured by camera and music files (initial workflow: PC does youtube-dlp → copy files manually to mobile)

This mobile is a 1st mobile ever for my daughter and she will probably make weird stuff and I would be glad to rip out the sdcard, have all user data there, do a reinstall of all, (Not yet sure how… maybe factory reset, replug the sdcard and install apps back, maybe different order, maybe have a nice backup/restore thing at hands) . And it would be OK to be able to read/backup the data manually plugging sdcard into a PC. So I do not need encrypted sdcard (so I would integrate as “classical external” storage? But How???
(sitting here waiting to get her phone ready… maybe you can help me instantly here? sdcard seems next step to be done…)

I should read this as part of your decision making


Thx for the 1st step… so I just reformat as external storage.

from the Settings->“Speicher” it offers to format “SD-Karte formatieren”. But it never provides me any alternative “as internal/external”. Now the sdcard is named “android” and “empty” (1.6 MB already occupied).

I find too few folders preapred (even with show hidden stuff active):

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Pictures

HOW can I set things so up, that ALL app data goes there?? Like HOME folder on linux? Bear with me, I am innocent to any eos setup!

Unfortunately Android kept changing the exact wording when prompted to decide. I think what is meant as internal is now called “phone storage” in Android while “external” is “portable storage”.


Firstly a good test for “did I get external storage?” would be to open Files > top left 3 bar menu, opens navigation pane.

A new Fat 32 SD card shows up like this image. Specifically the SD card can be unmounted with the Eject symbol.

To be expected, this is the Android way.

This is where your plans are getting ahead of my Android experience.

Google is root and runs the show. You are --user 0 with a tenancy here ! Google can organise backups and things you are imagining …

… but in AOSP we are quite limited to the rules we can follow.

Yes “android” can be ejected. (writing on my pc, so I won’t be able to screenshot stuff here, until I installed “the” browser and log in from the fp4)

OK I see that there will be no linux with proper HOME. Buthow to proceed? What settings need I set, so “all the app-stuff is stored on the external sdcard”? Any hint for a newbee?

Some some guides say “activate developermode” → “force allow apps to external”.

And then they go for each and every: apps → info → move to external storage

Is this same for e/os?

But that is not the whole thing I want? All taken pics/movies land on external cameras, mic-recordings, Downloads, game settings etc etc… not sure what to do!

I only watched that particular video to 1:40 where a written warning was displayed ! The circumstances were that the user had allowed his phone to become overfull and potentially at risk of instability, he was not in your position, I feel.

I am going to back off and leave this to the users with more experience.

I feel that to set up a phone with advanced features one would really need to experiment over a period of time to see what works and shows benefits.

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thx anyways. So I will NOT do what that guide says. until someone enlightens me here… Porblem is: time is ticking and I want to prepare her that mobile now. Not sure If I just install needed apps “as is” and in worst case redo all over again when she already has claimed her gift. Alas, I rather prefer to do it NOW.

I did unplug the sdcard and this is what was done to it:

parted /dev/mmcblk0 print free

Model: SD SH128 (sd/mmc)
Disk /dev/mmcblk0: 128GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: msdos
Disk Flags:

Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1024B 1049kB 1048kB Free Space
1 1049kB 128GB 128GB primary lba
128GB 128GB 16,9kB Free Space

tune2fs -l /dev/mmcblk0p1

tune2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/mmcblk0p1
/dev/mmcblk0p1 contains a exfat file system labelled ‘android’

Inside the sdcard filesystem is this:

tree /media/___/android

├── Android
│ └── data
│ └── foundation.e.apps
│ └── cache
├── Movies
├── Music
└── Pictures

old DOS partition table, exfat filesystem, and not much prepared to hold userdata. I would now like to know if I just install all needed apps and “somehow” change settings so every app stores the userdata on that sdcard (where exactly would that be?)

A link from the “manual” of AOSP.

Thise link aimed at app developers

and the /e/OS

The official getting started page

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That is interesting: I once more put the sdcard in PC and created new partition table (GTP style), added one partition and formatted ext4 on it, exactly like described above post. Inserted into the fairphone4. There again those mentioned few new folders were added automatically. Then I did a factory reset. And after that, on the external ( and unmountable) sdcard had suddenly ALL SAME folders than the internal “FP4” storage. And one extra folder “lost+found” (which confirms that it still is an ext4 filesystem).

List of folders: Alarms, Android, Audiobooks, DCIM, Documents, Downloads, “lost+found”, Movies, Music, Notifications, Pictures, Podcasts, Recordings, Ringtones

I’ll leave it this way and will read on how to make it happen, that the data now actually gets written on the external sdcard.

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