FP2: difficulties to shut down since latest update 1.11-20230512289175

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Just to say I’ve seen this again today running the latest update. I hadn’t needed the phone for a while and when I tried to turn it on the battery was dead. Strange. I got it charged again, did the latest update and a few things. When I had finished, I turned it off in the usual way, but it immediately rebooted. It did this several times. In the end I managed to get it to turn off in the following way:

  • connected to a power source (the computer)
  • with the lock screen, long press on power button > Power > Power off
  • the phone powered off and then went into “charging” mode
  • unhooked the USB cable, it turned off instead of rebooting.
    Having managed to do this, I can now power off normally again. I think the trick was to shut down from the lock screen, though this is no longer necessary.

Anyone else seen this?

I now suspect that the battery was run down if the last time I’d turned it off it had simply rebooted without my noticing.

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At least in custom ROM land on the Fairphone 2 this was a thing for a long time for me.
I got used to shut down from the decryption password prompt (the shutdown menu is already available then) or from recovery (keeping Volume + pressed when rebooting to get into recovery).

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Yes, I’d thought of trying that too, as a sort of last resort. Weird problem though.

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