Fairphone 2 (FP2) workaround



Someone gave this tip already in short on Telegram, but it wasn’t really clear at the time how to do this.
After installing /e/ on FP2 it seemed impossible to shutdown the device by long press the power-button and then “power off”, it just reboots. Also encrypting the device didn’t work; it just rebooted and remained not encrypted.
The workaround is simple:
Settings > buttons, under Power menu enable “Long press for torch”
So when the display is off, light up the torch with a long press, and with the torch on put the display back on with a short press on the power button. That allows to shutdown the phone: long press again and power off.
The same procedure for encrypting: display off, long press and torch on, display back on and encrypt the phone while the torch is on.
That’s how simple it was. Why it is so important to me to power off the phone? Visiting live classical music concerts, live poetry sessions and in theater it is really not done to leave your phone on.

Phone encryption not working - LeEco 2
Newby needs help "Settings -> Security -> encrypt phone" does not work

This bug stays unsolved. Is a solution so difficult to find?


I believe flashing the latest modem file should fix it. I’m not 100% though as I still have the old camera module, so I was never affected by the bug.


Bug remains unsolved.


Oh yeah sorry, it seems the fix is not integrated in the modem file, but the OS itself, so it will have to be added to /e/ by the developers. At least according to the Lineage bugtracker it seems the fix was integrated into LOS.


Checking with @rhunault if the LOS patch was integrated in the /e/ builds. We will add the fix into the build if not already done.


Yes the patch was integrated in LOS, but on oreo branch (lineage-15.1). On our side, we are still using nougat branch for FP2 (waiting for a solution to do migration from nougat to oreo via OTA updates).


Not solved yet with the latest build installed on my Fairphone


Would be good to solve this by v.1.0. Being able to turn off the phone without this workaround is quite a basic functionality.


On a FP2 (with new camera model) running a self-built/unofficial Oreo version

I couldn’t reproduce the issue (i.e. the device always did shut down on various attempts).
So I think there is hope. :slight_smile: