FP2 does not update to /e/OS 1.0

I have a Fairphone 2 and would like to upgrade to eOS 1.0 or higher.
Until now those updates could be simply done through the settings and then “System updater”.
This ain’t possible anymore. I’m on 0.23-2022041217701 - that’s kinda old.

Do I have to update manually?

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This is missing an important bit of info (not your fault, /e/OS is giving different version info in several places).

What does it say in Settings - About phone - Android version?


It says

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The “p” indicates you are on the Android 9 version of /e/OS which Murena doesn’t support any longer. Unfortunately YES, you will need to manually upgrade.

You might want to consider going from P to Q (Android 10) and then to R (Android 11) right away: /e/ image ROM download


Just a question about future upgrades: Will it be possible to upgrade in the future the Android version (ex from Q to R) in OTA mode? (Like stock Android, IOS, Ubuntu Touch, etc…)?

I guess people who bought a phone on Murena e-shop solutions often don’t have specific knowledge to manually reinstall the whole system and are therefore at a disadvantage compared to people who have been able to buy the device, often cheaper on a commercial site, but who are more familiar with the technical procedures.

Moreover, an upgrade often implies a total loss of data. This can be problematic when, for example, you have to ask your bank for a new QR code by postmail to reconnect to the application.

For the time being, it is not possible to perform OTA upgrades on custom ROMs such as LineageOS, /e/ and others. (but don’t know why)

I know that the foundation is working on this kind of solution, but I don’t know if it will happen…?

PS: I’m a happy user of FP4 on /e/. The device works remarkably well.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the foundation and its community for their incredible work!


As with stock Android, the OS vendor has to implement and test the OTA upgrade procedure on a specific device. There is no generic solution as of now, it’s complicated and time-consuming for vendors to do this.

See above.
As for /e/OS, please have a look at Topics tagged development-updates :wink:

Thank you for your explanations.

This looks very promising indeed! :wink:

Just one mo thing. If I go from scratch, may I go directly to R (Android 11)?
Or isn’t it recommended yet, as it’s still beta?

I’m on Android 10 Q Version now. How may I update to Android 11 now? Many thx