FP2 reboots after powering off

Since I changed my Fairphone 2’s default OS to /e/, when I press Power off, the phone most often reboots a second after.
Does anyone have the same issue?

A few times it turned off without rebooting but I don’t know why. I followed the related troubleshooting guide but nothing fixed it.
The OP says if nothing works you need a replacement. However, I did not have this issue prior to installing /e/ so I don’t think defect hardware is to blame. Furthermore, this post suggests that a software issue had to be fixed on Fairphone’s side and I do remember having had this issue in a past version of the Fairphone OS and having it fixed after an update.

If someone else has this problem and also eliminated possible hardware causes, please mention it so hopefully /e/ developers can look into it sometime.

Did you have a look at this topic?

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I did not (its title isn’t really search-friendly), but it’s the same issue indeed, so thank you!

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