FP3: After Installing Q no updates and no more newsletter-mails from community@e.email

At the end of June I installed 0.17-21210621120946/Android 10 on my FP3. Since then I did not get any update and the newsletter-mails stopped. I suppose there have been security updates and I suppose there have been newsletter-mails since the end of June.
Today the phone showed an information about a new update. Looking for it, there has been no update.
The only thing I found controlling the update-configuration: the automatical search for updates has been set to “never”. But even changing to “once a day” and manual search did not find an update.

Somebody an idea?

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Hi, The last build v0.18 released had some issues on the FP3. This issue has been reported on the forum and in Gitlab.
The build has been pulled out from the servers which may be why you are not able to access it. The team has identified a fix for it and it is being tested at the moment. We expect to release the fixed build on Monday 22 Aug.
Reg the Newsletter you can check re subscribe it or join any of our channel from the links given here


Thanks for the hint. In the meanwhile I got an update, everything is fine.
Besides: I didn’t find a possibility to (re) subscribe the Newsletter and seem to be too stupid to find the channels out of the given link.

List of newsletters : Newsletters - e Foundation - deGoogled unGoogled smartphone operating systems and online services - your data is your data
Subscription box is at bottom right :wink:

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Thanks alot for the information, but I do have problems to find out
which one the newsletter is that I got before.
Can I find that out on due to the old newsletter mails?
If yes: How?