FP3: After updating to /e/OS 1.12.3-s-202306152996 my second SIM from German Telekom doesn't work any more

On Android 10 I used Telekom SIM for LTE/4G data from internet when away from WLAN/Wifi as the data volume is alot larger than that of my first SIM. As the updater didn’t show the updates I found the update to Android 11 by chance not long ago. In this OS version I found the problem and updated some days later the 1.12-OS expecting it works with that. But it doesn’t: Now the phone shows the 2nd SIM, but the APN was not longer there. So I added it by hand - no effect.
In autumn I want to go to a long holiday - then I will need the 2nd SIM for internet access.
It would be great to get help - it seems that a similar problem on FP4 appeared one year ago: [Fairphone4 - VoLTE Telekom Deutschland (262-01) - not working, though it should?] but I am not sure if it is helpful for my problem.

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Did you restart your phone after that?

If the linked FP4 thread has the same cause as your issue (I am uncertain, but see the similarity) then it leads me to this line of thinking.

I notice that the install instructions for FP3 https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/install contain this warning (also seen on other devices)

Warning: Make sure that you can send and receive SMS and place and receive calls (also via WiFi and LTE, if available), otherwise it will not work on /e/OS as well. Additionally, some devices require that VoLTE/VoWiFi be utilized once on stock to provision IMS.

But what is IMS and why would this raise this complication ?

I am not certain and cannot find an easy explanation online, so I offer this link

Looking again I have to correct myself: After getting a malware on my phone I manually installed IMG-e-1.8.1-r-20230204257076-stable-FP3 in March. Over months there have been no update infos on the phone. By chance I had a look and found quite a few updates on the phone, installed the last one, suppose it was an 11er. The next update info came short time later and so I updated to 1.12.3. Both updates done through the ususal user update, no additional info. Besides: I still can send and receive sms, can send an sms from 2nd sim to first sim.
And I do not understand why to test sms to see if internet works.
My idea for the problem: With the 11er update the “Desktop” seems alike to FP4 “Desktop” (I know because I bought a FP4 with /e/ for my mother). FP4s are single sim phones, FP3 is a double sim phone. Could that be the reason?

Yes, I restarted the phone after that.

They are not. They have one physical SIM slot, yes, but they use eSIM for additional SIMs.

Are you sure you saved the newly added APN?
I never had to do this myself, but the internet wants to tell me that you have to open the menu and choose Save there, which seems not to be too intuitive.

If nothing else comes to mind, I would be left with some generic things …

  • Turn off the phone (not just a reboot, real shutdown, it makes a difference), then turn it on again
  • Reseat the SIM card(s) while the phone is turned off (can’t hurt).
    If two SIM cards, perhaps swap the slots for testing.
  • Settings - Apps - See all … apps - Phone - Storage and cache - Clear cache
  • Depending on the location and the mobile network provider in use, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling settings could be enabled/disabled for testing.
  • Network reset (search the Settings for “reset” and go with “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth” or similar)
  • Factory reset (search the Settings for “reset”, will delete user data as well as Apps installed by the user and their data)
  • OS install from scratch

Root for me that hint number one, two or three will work :wink:

Yes, I saved the APN, it was still there after reboot.
Reseating the SIM cards without swaping the slots made it. Three cheers for AnotherElk!


I was experiencing being unable to call with my sim card and this option fixed it.

I have a FP3

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