FP3+ microSD-Card 400 GB too much for /e/?

4 weeks ago I’ve bought an FP3+ with a pre-installed /e/. Afterwards I’ve installed a 400 GB microSD-Card - it is the max, which is recommended.
It looked quiet good, many files I’ve stored on this SD-Card (e.g. OSM maps, mp3, …).

The performance:
As I stored the first files on the SD-Card and reboot the /e/-system, it took awhile for proofing the SD-Card and the /e/-system already started.
As I stored more files, it took more time for proofing and starting the /e/-system.
As I stored nearly 100 GB, after the reboot, the /e/-system is proofing the SD-Card again. But now the proofing will not finishing and the /e/-system reboot. Now it is like a bootloop and I can’t get into the system.

To reboot in the save mode it doesn’t work. Only removing the SD-Card helped at first.
After some tests with and without SD-Card, I’ve erased the half of the files on this SD-Card. Now the /e/-system works again.

Have someone an idea or some information, if I can use this 400-GB-SD-Card with /e/? Otherwise Lineage OS will be my favorite again.

Thank you for your help!!! :slight_smile:
Bye, Guido

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If you chose to use the SD card as Internal Storage (not as external/portable storage), then most probably this is not a question of /e/ or LineageOS (or Fairphone OS).

Since Android 10 there is more trouble than there was already all the time in Android with SD cards as Internal Storage. To use this setup can’t be discouraged strongly enough.

/e/ are about to remove this functionality for new installs until they have an idea how to handle this … Week 31 : Development and Testing Updates.

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I’m using a 400 GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC card in /e/OS without any problems – roughly 300 GB are used by now (most of it music files).

My card is set up as portable (external) storage.

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Hey, thank you! Ah, a problem of Android 10. My usage of the SD card is anyway an external one - now, I’m confused a little. I try it again as a new formated external SD card, because sometimes there were problems with booting again.

Thanks for your info! The SD card I use is nearly the same and also mounted as an external storage. Now I hope it works :slight_smile: