Fp3 ota update eos 1.6-20221129238947

After FP3 update ota to /e/OS 1.6-20221129238947 very slow startup and high power consumption.
Only proper functioning after Hard Reset every time (battery out/in) what went wrong?

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Matches 1.6-r-20221129238947-stable-FP3.
Ok, Android 11 stable, then.

What do you mean with “every time”? How often do you have to do this?

Keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds should force a reboot.
Or is the remedy in this case only a real shutdown, and a reboot doesn’t help?

After the hard reset phone starts up in about 25 seconds, all the next times it costs more then 2 minutes.
Tried the 15 seconds forced reboot. Same effect as Hard Reset. So take out battery is not necessary.
Power consumption after the 2 minutes startup is about 4 times higher than normaly.