FP3 Pie 0.23 Image

I’ve tried to update my Fairphone 3 from Pie (/e/OS 0.23). I backed up my data using both TWRP and ADB. However, I forgot to make a separate backup of my contacts. I flashed TWRP on my device (not using fastboot flash recovery twrp-... but fastboot flash boot twrp-... because the first failed. I was fully aware that this would override my current boot. However, I forgot to update my contacts separately. I therefore wonder, whether I can download the FP3 Pie /e/OS version 0.23 from somewhere and flash it again. It is not listed on the official download site anymore.

Thanks in advance.

the highest Pie zip I’ve got is e-0.18-p-20210815130098-dev-FP3.zip, can upload if you want

if you took a TWRP backup, your contacts are there in a sqlite db and you’d be able to either extract them if not outright place them at the new target if the schema didn’t change too much.


Thank you. That’s the folder I was looking for. I searched in /data/data/com.android.contacts/databases which was empty. That caused me to worry. In that case, I don’t need the old firmware version. Thanks again!

yeah but I’m unsure if you can place it as-is on higher androids without “migrations” rearranging the database schema if necessary, but sure try

Good point, I was able to boot into Pie again. I needed to change the Boot System inside TWRP which I failed to do correctly previously. Manual backup running :tada:

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