FP3 seems slower than FP2

Thanks for the update @Alt0216

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My FP3 does not provide a 26/06/20 OTA. What is a convenient way to otherwise look at available OTAs outside of the in-phone function?

Also, if I click on the “changelog” feature, I receive a “not found” for https://images.ecloud.global/stable/FP3/e-0.9-p-2020060957753-stable-FP3.zip.changelog
Is this expected to work?

You have an official /e/ FP3, the update is planned for this week. The updates above are the “dev” channel (users who flashed /e/ on the phone themselves). OTA’s will appear when they are available, the change log will also work.

Thanks for the quick answer. Looking forward to the update. I was under the impression that OTA only exists for the phones from the /e/ store…

Welcome. I agree the topics about updates are a bit confusing. It should be clear where is spoken about, stable(official /e/) or dev channel. dev channel have OTA too indeed.

A small follow-up to this …
Recently map rendering in OsmAnd on my Fairphone 3 felt very slow, when on my similarly set up Fairphone 2 it stayed as fast as I was used to, so map rendering on the inferior (hardware-wise) Fairphone 2 was much faster. Can’t be, I thought.

I compared the OsmAnd settings of the two, and this made the difference:
Settings - Configure map - Map magnifier was somehow set to 25% on the Fairphone 3 (I didn’t do it, at least not deliberately) … setting it to 100% returned the map rendering performance to what it should be.