FP3 with E os-can't unlock bootloader

Hi, I have followed the directions from FP, but it never asks me to input the code, just asks me for my pin. I am not able to unlock the bootloader. I would like to switch back to the FP os, because the phone screen isn’t working properly-it randomly reacts as if it has been touched.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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It seems (in the Fairphone forum) the phone would need a working internet connection when trying to get the code. Could this be the issue here?
Is there any error message?

Warning : Keep in mind that unlocking the bootloader will delete the data on your phone, so make a backup first if necessary.

  1. Enable developper options in Settings > About phone > Build number, tap on it 7 times

  2. Go to Settings > System > Advanced > Developper options > OEM unlocking and enable it. This will require you to input your pin / code / pattern.

  3. Connect your FP3 with a USB-C cable to your computer, and enable USB debugging in the phone developper options. Authorize the connection to the computer in the popup that appears.

  4. Open a command window in your platform-tools directory, and check that your phone is detected with the command adb devices. If you are using Windows, adding ./ at the start your commands might be necessary for it to work. It would look like ./adb devices

  5. If your FP3 is on, use the command adb reboot bootloader to put it in fastboot mode. If it is off, another way is to press the power and volume - buttons

  6. Unlock the bootloader with the command fastboot flashing unlock. Now, when in Fastboot Mode, your phone should display in red on the last text line DEVICE STATE - unlocked.

You can now flash the original Fairphone OS. However, before you do this, may I suggest you try doing a clean flash of /e/ ? This might solve the problem, if it isn’t hardware-related.

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