FP3 with FP3+ Camera module

Hi, today I changed my camera and replaced it with the new FP3+ module, Fornt and Back Camera.

Unfortunaly, the camera app shows me a black screen and tels me that the camera might be used by an other aplications.
In fact, if I understand it right, this new module is only compatible for android 10. So I then did an update to the newest version, /e/OS 0.12-2020102981459 but it still do not work. It is still android 9.

So my question, when will I be able to use my new camera? When can I update my fairphone to the newsest version with android 10? Is this an normal update?

Thanks for the infromation

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when will I be able to use my new camera?

You have to update to android 10, the new fairphone cameras don’t work with 9.

When can I update my fairphone to the newsest version with android 10?

Now :wink:. The new images for android 10 are available here

Is this an normal update?

No, unfortunately not. At the time being, it is not possible to automatically update from 9 to 10, you would have to manually re-flash.
Depending on your backup solution, if you have relocked your bootloader, … this may be of varying difficulty and probably includes a wipe of your data partition.

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Some background can be found in this topic: Fairphone 3+ compatibility


This is the worst and most anying part of this project. There is no user freindly backup solution!!
I’m trying to understand this backup how to with twrp but I don’t understand it. And I don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out wht to download how to flsh and lock unlock etcc. things on my fone. Grrrr…

So I need to backup my settings on my fone, don’t know how!
Then flash the new version, and lossing all my setups.

Ahhwwwww, why?

Okay thanks anyway for the answere, very fast and helpfull. But not what I acutaly wanted to read :frowning:

The best of this project is that there’s much interest in improving. :wink: So this is probably why the there’s work-in-progress on seedvault as backup solution.
Still I understand that this is not of much help for you at the moment :frowning:


If your bootloader is still locked you don’t need to bother with TWRP on the Fairphone 3 anyway.
And unlocking the bootloader will wipe your data for security reasons.

You could have a look at what MyPhoneExplorer can do for you (How To and FAQ), and you should have a look at what your important Apps have to offer for backing up/restoring or exporting/importing their data.
Otherwise you have found a blind spot in Android, unfortunately, at least when not planning ahead from the start.


Don’t understand me wrong. I love this project and I’m aware that it is still a beta version if I’m not wrong. And I’m very thanksfull for the people that are improving this project days after days. They are incredible!!

I do have all my important datas on my own server. So I’m not worried loosing datas. I’m a bit disapointed that I have to start everything from scartch. “never change a runing machine” . All settings that I have configuered in the las couple of weeks/month are not saved. This is what bothers me the most.

Now that I know that I have to reinstall everything from scratch. What do you mean by plaing from scratch? Any advices?

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Unlocking the bootloader and leaving it unlocked would give you TWRP as a backup option.
The data partition will be encrypted nonetheless, so simple loss or theft of the phone shouldn’t lead to access to the data once you have provided a decryption method (= your lock screen password/PIN/pattern). Anybody else but you would have to factory reset to use the phone.
This leaves a scenario where somebody would target you specifically by stealing your phone, installing some program to grab and transmit your decryption method once you unlock, and getting the compromised phone back to you, all without you noticing, to then let you provide the key to the data.
How risky this would be for your circumstances is for you to assess yourself.
Being able to use TWRP sure is tempting, though.

Rooting the phone should enable some popular backup options like e.g. Titanium Backup, but I don’t have experience with this. There’s enough about rooting here or over at the Fairphone forum, just search for root FP3.

Another option would be to just wait for /e/'s integration of Seedvault to see what this can do then.

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The question is, when will seedvaulx be functional. In the latest update, I saw the function backup in the settings, but only with google.

I do have one more question. Shall I wait until I update to Q? Is ist stable or is it beta? I’m so happy with version 9 except of the camera quality. I don’t know what to do. :frowning:

Just tu be sure that I understand you. If the bootloader is open it is less secure but still secure if I enable in the settings transcription. If it is open I would be able to install twrp.
If the bootloader is close it is highly secure and nobody can get my datas.
If the bootloader stay open or close is decided at the begining of the instalation and can’t be modified afterwards, right?

/e/ is considered beta currently, regardless of Pie or Q.
I’m running Q for a while now, I haven’t found anything not working yet, but I didn’t dig deep here either, I’m no power user in that regard, I don’t use many features or Apps. Battery life seems to have improved noticably for me, but it was good with Pie already.

Encryption is enabled by default on the Fairphone 3/3+, but you should set up a screen lock (password/PIN/pattern).
An unlocked bootloader is a risk. Whether you can live with the risk, only you can tell depending on what you have on the phone and what your circumstances are.

Usually you don’t install TWRP on an A/B device like the Fairphone 3/3+, because this would alter the boot partition. /e/ restores an unaltered boot partition when updating, so with the next update TWRP would be gone again.
Usually you just boot TWRP with fastboot using a computer.

Locking as well as unlocking the bootloader will force a factory reset for security reasons.

Short update,
I hade to update to Android q, because one screw was not able to be removed, I broke the head.

So I had no other Option than update my FP3 to the newst Android q Version. Lucky me, the new camera was inside.

Ofcourse I lost all my settings and I’m reconfiguring everything. I hope that seedvault is going to be ready soon.

Ome settings are nor working properly in this new android version. I’m wondering if I can see somewhere, when the next upadet will be pushed?
I only see in gitlab the issues opend.