Framasoft services for /e/?

Hi all,
Recently I discovered the amazing movement and organisation. It seems to me they have similar aims to /e/ in the area of on line services and already have many excellent services running. Can some efficiencies be found by working together?
Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestion.
I personally agree with you.
Apparently, the team knows Framasoft as they use their tools:


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Ah yes, thanks for the link. I would have been surprised if they didn’t already know about Framasoft.

Maybe the only difference is that Framasoft don’t want to be commercial in any way, but /e/ (though non profit) does need to be in some way.

Indeed. Most of the values of these 2 organisations are common or similar so they are compatible.
For now, /e/ is focusing on 2 big things:

  • the ROMs
  • the cloud services.
    For the last point, Framasoft is using NextCloud like /e/ and Framasoft doesn’t provide/develop any email service so they can’t help /e/ so that’s why using Framasoft services/software is still very confidential at the moment. But maybe in the future…
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