Looking to know more about Cloud Storage and File Transfer services to fine tune our future /e/ offerings

Hi all,

we’re trying to understand better the landscape of existing Cloud Services and File Transfer services available to most, specifically around the amount of premium users and the amount of storage used. This will help us to refine our storage offer in the future.

We have a survey available on Framaforms (a free software platform wihtin Framasoft, free and open source ecosystem) to learn more about these services.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Thank you for initiating this survey. This is the most vital part of /e/ and we need to come up with a sustainable business plan for the different needs of the users.

Done ! I noticed that we can answer “yes” and “no” at the 1st question.

The 6th question can’t be answered, should be “less” in my case

Thanks Julien. I published the form with that “issue” in the first question indeed :smiley:
It is the first time i’m using Framaforms so i still have to get all the finesse behind the tool! You never stop learning as they say!

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Thanks for taking the survey and for the feedback. I’ve tried to use the best ranges to keep it simple. Will take that into account for future surveys!

Thanks @Dravidian. It is indeed critical we scale our services to meet the different needs of our community. Hopefully we will have a good amount of feedback to build something nice! so far so good.

Happy to help.
@Julien can post the link in telegram group for increased participation by our community?

Good idea. I’ve just done it :slight_smile:

I totally agree with that.

I’m just seeing one question… ??

The other questions pop up, if you select “yes” in the first question. If you select “no”, then there will be no other questions.

And I noticed, that if you answer question 3 with “both”, then you will not be asked the further questions about personal use.

@Markus that is correct, main focus at this time is personal use. Business use cloud storage or file transfer services drive so many specifics that it would have made the survey quite lengthy (collaboration rights, devices used, etc…). I’ll probably create a specific survey for business usage down the line.
Thanks for participating, highly appreciated!

Did the survey. At the very end, the instructions for submitting my answers including the “soumettre” button as well as the encryption disclaimer, were in French. Not a big deal for me, as I already speak it, but someone unfamiliar with French might get confused.

Also, I sometimes use Evernote, which also uses cloud services. I didn’t see an option in the survey for this service as well.

In the survey no mention was done of services like Nextcloud hosted by selected data centers.
In my case RochoDC.

@veeve01 Thanks for taking the survey and for your feedback. You are correct indeed, while the survey was in English, the framaforms environment remains in French, i have to check with them in case i use the tool again in the future.
It is my first time using Framaforms, i struggled a bit with the tool. For exemple, i have not been able to find how to include open fields to allow respondents to add the service they use if not listed.
I’ll look at ways to improve such surveys if we use the tool again in the future.

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Yes, on a phone the survey seems limited, looked at it from desktop and there was a whole list of questions.

I wonder if maybe a second survey would be useful to determine WHY people use the cloud services they do. Perhaps after the first survey closes? I think it might provide data that may be useful in guiding the development of the cloud storage side of /e/.

In my case for example, I am a big consumer of cloud storage. I use 1TB Onedrive as part of my Office365 subscription for documents as well as to store important information (encrypted through cryptomator). I use 4TB of Mega because for media, encrypted backups, etc. I could easily get rid of those and switch to nextcloud.

There’s one particular cloud service, though, that I can’t seem to quit. For photos there is nothing like iCloud. It offers both privacy and the ability to handle tens of thousands of pictures without a hitch. It even adds value to your pictures by creating smart albums and you can do keyword searches, like “water” or “dog.”

The most important limit is that I am stuck using iOS which is fine for now, but prevents me from moving away from Apple in the future. I’d be ready to throw some money at an alternative to iCloud that could handle photos decently.

@Guillaume_W, Thanks for your input, this is great feedback. The goal for this first survey is really centered around storage size, share of people subscribing to paid service and amount of storage used, this is critical for us to know to size our services right.
I agree 100% around the idea to learn more around the WHY and the WHAT, and you comment is giving already a good base to start thinking about it!
Great feedback, Keep it coming!

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Hello Alexis
I can not answer jour survey
I am using m’y own file sharing service using seafile community software
For professional, personnel and for client also…
I paid for dedicated server and install many container.
Hop to have container for /e/services as docker ce or lxc !