Fresh /e/ installation uses 34,42 GB storage of 64 GB on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

I installed /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as described in the documentation. After those fresh installation, the storage settings show me 34,42 GB of the internal storage is in use. If I tap on this, the largest part by far is “system” with 33,95 GB.

I can’t explain this, since all data got deleted and I can’t realize that /e/ is using so much storage on a Vanilla installation. What went wrong here?

Since new users are only allowed to attach one image per post, I only post the detailled screenshot so that you can see that this storage is taken by the system:

Hi @th3dan on a different device when I flash for the first time from within TWRP I format data and wipe System + Data + Cache . Post that I install the /e/ ROM that takes a couple of GB . Do not remember the exact size but it is definitely not 33 GB. Is this a new phone or were you using it with other custom ROM’s before.


Je viens de vérifier sur mon S7 32 Go + une carte SD de 64 Go avec la version /e/ 0.7-201907176984
Je ne comprends pas ces chiffres, j’ai + de stockage que prévu!


I just checked on my S7 32GB + a 64GB SD card with the version /e/ 0.7-201907176984
I don’t understand these, I have more storage than expected!

Hi @Manoj I used the default format data functionality from TWRP followed by cache/system in advanced wipe as documentated in the hero2lte wiki. Like @claudiousse I also had a 64 GB SD card in the device. So I tried removing the card. Now when opening the settings, I see “5,64GB of 29,79 HN storage used” after the “storage” label, which is much more realistic for a fresh installation:

But when opening “storage”, it shows “34,42 GB of 58,56 GB in use” with 33,95 GB on the system group as in my first screenshot (see first post, I’m not allowed to post more than one image at once).

And since @claudiousse reported he has only 32 GB of internal storage where 64 GB are shown, I checked the original invoice of my Galaxy S7 Edge from 2017: It has only 32 GB of internal storage. Wasn’t sure about this since I always use SD cards to extend the internal storage, so I didn’t wonder about the 64 GB capacity which was displayed in the settings yet.

It seems that the detailled storage section has problems detecting the internal storage size or maybe even uses some hard coded values. @claudiousse could you please open your settings and scroll to “storage” so that you can post what’s displayed there? If you also get realistic values, then we’re both affected of the same issue.

Hi @th3dan
Here’s what’s on display, it’s not really realistic.
It seems to me that this strange calculation of storage capacity occurred after the last update.

This is weird. Since I use a test version of Pie on my device I cannot confirm if this issue started after the last update. Let me take this to the development team and get back .

@claudiousse Which version do you have installed? Maybe we can isolate the issue by the /e/ version. In my case I installed and after the first boot updated to by OTA.

The reason why I did this is that some custom ROMs have issues with (seamless) OTA updates. For example the Samsung Galaxy S3 boot TWRP after an update but doesn’t automatically do the update. So I have to manually select the zip file. So I’m testing OTA updates on new ROMs.


It seems to me that I installed the same version as you initially when I installed /e/ with TWRP V3.3.3.01 then I had an OTA update proposal that I installed 072019071716984.
I had looked at the memory usage before the update and it made sense, but I can’t find the note where I wrote it down.
it’s really annoying. I’m a little messy.
Sorry about that.


Il me semble que j’ai installer la même version que toi au départ lorsuqe j’ai installé /e/ avec TWRP V3.3.01 ensuite j’ai eu une proposition de mise à jour OTA que j’ai installé 072019071716984.
J’avais regardé l’occupation de la mémoire avant la MAJ et c’était logique mais je ne retrouve plus la note où je l’avais noté.
c’est vraiment énervent. Je suis un peu bordélique.

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Today I installed the latest update from 27th july. Now things went a bit worser: In the settings screen, the capacity is wrong too since the last update. But when connecting to my computer, it shows 1,12GB of 24,6GB internal storage used and 22GB of 36,4GB from the external SD card.


Hi @th3dan can you remove the external SD card and then check what the values are. If there are apps on the card then they would not work. Wanted to check if this error is because the system is not able to read the card measurements correctly.

Hi, no apps were installed on the card. I removed the card and saw the correct capacity in the settings overview screen, but the wrong capacity when tapping on “storage”. After rebooting the phone, alo the detailled view (tapping on "storage) seems correct and shows 5,81GB/29,79GB used.

It’s a 64GB Samsung Evo MicroSD card.

Hi @th3dan thanks for testing that out. Please can you add a bug in Gitlab giving details of what you have tested. That way the development team can work on resolving the issue.

Hi everybody,
I just begin to experiment with my up to date S7 fro /e/foundation.
I’ve got the same type of issue with 104 Go / 125 Go, since I put a SD card 128Go in it.
I shutdown the phone and take off tne SDCard, then rebooted.
Nothing has changed : 104 Go, and 100Go for the system: pretty big, isn’t it ?
How could I get a real memory usage?

Thanks a lot !