Full Privacy & Security DeGoogled EeloOS / LineageOS with more Security / Privacy Workaround

I’m sorry to correct you, but he is no eelo anymore !!! In the moment the name of the OS is /e/ but we all are hoping that this worst name will changed soon.

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Maybe he did that on purpose. I also still call it eelo. /e/ is a ridiculous name, if I want to tell people about eelo, I’m not saying that I use slash-e-slash. Most people lose me at “OS”, let alone “fork” or even worse “slash-e-slash”. I’m not sure how high the owner, ceo, dev team or who ever came up with it, was when choosing for /e/, but this name was a bad choise.


I know that you can see everywhere that they use /e/ but harvey186 you absolutely right. I allways tell people i’m using “eelo” or “lineage” on my devices or linux “parrot”. /e/ is too difficult for search engines and for non-technical people they thing when you say “/e/” you the biggest nerd in town, meaning that in a bad way, so i’m using “eelo” without really thinking about the new name. I think my consciousness brain never accepted the new name :wink:


Thank you for a very interesting and detailed post.

AppStores: Use F-Droid store first, than Eelo-Store for non free Apps (like for your bank)

Here a list of my blocked sites i found with k3pler:

Why is cleanapk blocked? Doesn’t that break Eelo-Store?

Download the apk from another repository if applications from Apps are not working. We are doing it for a number of other applications while we try to figure out why it does not work through Apps

A petty this thread is closed:

I have ethical question according /e/ Apps store, one of the applications I consider bloatware and would like to remove (tried everything, even crashing the system several times) but after every update, succesfully removed apps reappeare. Screenshot of one app from “Apps”, something like ccleaner or whatever, just an example. What are applications like that doing in /e/'s Apps?


Hi @pjmbraet as you are aware Applications in Apps are requested by users. We do not police what apps can and cannot be there. It is for the user to decide why they still want to use such apps even when they can see this list of trackers in them.

On this forum there is a thread asking can we install Google play store on /e/ ? How do we explain that? It is for the user to decide what they want and do not want. We will provide a clean Os background what the user adds on top is up to them entirely.

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Thank you for your interesting post.

I’d like to add a few things:

  • DNS we have added a low-level feature to enforce DNS in Settings, whatever you are using Wifi or mobile data access. Our default setting is actually but you can put anything your prefer (Cloudflare’s might be OK, but keep in mind that Cloudflare has Google as an investor…)
  • “captive portal” = connectivity check. This issue is ongoing development in /e/ and will be fixed soon (details in our Gitlab issues)
  • webview: as you maybe know, /e/ is using a fork of Bromite, which is also a fork of Chromium, because Chromium is open source but NOT ungoogled. And /e/'s default webview is now this this fork of Bromite webview.
  • blocking sites in /etc/hosts file: I’m curious about all those 433 ports? typo?

Also I’d like to remind that’s /e/'s purpose is exactly to bundle as much as possible of all of this for users who don’t know how todo by themselves.


/e/ is about freedom. That’s the reason why you will find all the apps with useful information.This way, users can choose to use an app, or not use it, in full knowledge of the situation.



Yes that’s Eelo-AppStore. You can let it in, but i don’t want this connection every startup an checking everytime. I’m using F-Droid store with the Magisk root rights and that’s really a store you can use without risk.
-> Eelo-Store (safer than yalp) or Yalp-Store (Google Repository) are create if you want to download and update apps like brave-Browser or Wire (chat). You find this apps not in f-droid.

Also there is a Bromite Chrome Version on the site too :slight_smile: so you can use that :slight_smile:

For the Eelo-Team:

  1. Why don’t add this decision at the start with explanations what do you want with Google wihtout Google pro/cons with no tracking and saving on servers like /e/ to and other?
    OrLike in Parrot os there a a consumer edition and a i call it “hacker”-version. So why you make 2 releases: a) one release without microG (you can install it with magisk anyway) and magisk, degoogled with f-droid or your appstore with only safe apps and Tor, VPN, Adblock k3pler, Browser with addons so there is zero tracking b) One edition with added features for “casual users” with google option
    -> I think for “casual users” is really hard to decide if this app is safe, what is open source, why i can’t use apps all people use, its so smart and easy, can’t be bad. Believe me i got so much, i call it green friends, they fight for animal rights, human rights but they so non technical only thing they say "i dont want to be tracked but i’m not now what i can do or use. So there should be a safe version with added browser without google and prepared addons. No cookies etc with VPN or Tor, Adblock k3pler and the browser. People want it easy! I believe you want to reach a lot of people so they can choose by them self. But this will lead to people who think there a safe from spying and zero dataleak with there orignal ip-adress etc, that’s not fair i think. With the decision on start to choise witch version, it would be more useful.
  2. Some here: You can make in the /e/ Appstore 2 Sektions with Open Source Privacy friendly apps(guardian/f-droid repo) and on Tracking Apps on Sektion. I think the exodus feature is very great for that to be under control but this would be greater to find the apps you really want with privacy and not seeing thousands of tracking apps. Or 2 Appsstores one like the f-droid or use the f-droid store and one for proprietary software.
  3. Why the standard phone/sms-aplication is signal? and telegram is a system app?
    -> check this out: https://www.securemessagingapps.com/ The only really good messangers are signal and Threma(not open source) because the spying less than the others! And the companies are in switzerland. For privacy and security is the best to use most of the stuff from germany / switerland etc. Because there are the privacy laws are better. I saw only “hello nsa” to signal. Thats not freedom! Set up a XMPP-Server :wink:

Yes you can load apps from APKMirror or ApkPure but they all track you for sure :slight_smile:

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Neither Signal not telegram are a part of the system apps on /e/ ROM’s . We removed them months back

We are working on making all system apps removable by users.

As we have already clarified in this thread we want the user to decide what he / she wants . We will give them a clean mobile OS . What they install on top of it is the users decision.


One thing where eelo already improved over LOS may be interesting to those who (also) use LOS:
In LineageOS the Caller-App defaults to sending phone numbers you call (and get called from) to “lookup providers” (Google and others). Eelo fixed this. :+1:

That’s NOT true with Germany. If server are used there, your data is not secure (like the servers of the email provider cockli or also the server of zwiebelfreunde). Germany is where Finfisher/Finspy is developed. Do your math.

I have come to /e/ and flashed a Samsung S7 to lead a de-googled (smartphone) life. This thread kind of smashes the hope… The opening post by @eelo4life is hard to follow …

I would very much like the have a roadmap of the Odyssey that @GaelDuval is talking about. What has been achieved, what is on the agenda. A roadmap that is updated every half year and that is understandable for the non-technical, and at the same time contains enough technical references to educate me.

Personally I am willing to be very restrained in the use of apps, and I would appreciate a fat warning if an app would cause me starting a footprint again in the Google ecosystem.

For me it has no use to convince other people to start using an /e/ smartphone, and knowing that in their use of the smartphone they will most likely spoil their privacy again.

You can check this post

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Thank you, @Manoj . Wonderful! I need some time to process this information.

This information should not be hidden somewhere in a forum post…

OK, I have read the post. For a roadmap it is still quite vague. Please be more concise.

We are now 6 months later. Please update. ‘Spring 2020’ is now.

My wish: please give clear priority to un-googling. GUI improvements are not about un-googling. having more apps is also not about un-googling. Different user profiles is not about un-googling. A friendly installer is not about un-googling.

100% un-googling is the credibility of /e/. achieving that will give great momentum to everything else.



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I followed the link to Reddit that is under the opening post of @eelo4life. That brought me to this updated version: https://old.reddit.com/r/degoogle/comments/cldohl/how_to_degoogle_lineageos_in_2019/ . In the Intro the author states that points 1, 2, 4 and 5 are covered by /e/ OS. Can somebody confirm this?

That leaves 3, 6 and 7. 6 and 7 are not part of the Reddit post.

The scope of 3 is limited to location finding. Is that correct? I saw some hefty discussion on this forum about location. Not very relevant for me, because I don’t use location.

6 is about app’s. A work in progress for /e/. For the moment I will limit myself to apps with a privacy score.

That leaves 7 ‘Host-File’. Is that an ‘open wound’ in /e/?

regards, Henk