Galaxy A3 2017 (Treble) SM-A320FL


I have ordered a little refurbished Galaxy A3 2017 (just 5 mm taller than my Moto E). Not e.supported but ‘trebled’ arm64 A/B so I expect to use e.GSI.


  • no SIM card, just set language, no config, have a look in OS,
  • first of all, enable EOM unlock to get FRP LOCK: OFF in ‘Download mode’,
  • disable or ‘lock’ (no permission, no data use) all non-wanted apps (gg, cloud services),
  • enable WiFi and launch update to latest firmware (FW) version, needs to use Manual update but worked fine,
  • verify and download device’s FW (‘Orange’ one) and Stock latest one (thanks again, @piero)

To do:

  • flash stock OS, with Heimdall CLI (first test),
  • read three more times all ‘howtos’ and threads I’ve found on the web :smiley:
  • flash e.GSI-pie,
  • flash patch ?
  • flash e.GSI Qustom by @harvey186

Slooow W.I.P. cause of W.I.R.L. I will edit this post and share links and useful howto in a ‘response’ below…

#2 ======

:rage: I switched on to test music player but Samsung’s app wants to update and asks to agree ‘Use policy’… I don’t want to link this device ! Turned off, and I will flash as soon as possible !

#3 ======

Stock ROM flashed with Heimdall. No more ‘Orange telecom’ inside, securtiy patch 2020.04 :slight_smile:
Dev’ options and debugging enabled, unfortunately I had:

$ adb shell
a3y17lte:/ $ getprop ro.treble.enabled

À suivre…

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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??? Don’t know what that means

I work with a Debian Buster + Xfce4 PC



To be continued…


‘Slow work in progress’, because of ‘work in real life’ :wink:

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:joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

Hi all.
‘Can’t mount /data’ issue in twrp solved, I will migrate to trebble and e-gsi-pie. To be continued…

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