Galaxy S9: How to extend battery life?

I have a S9 where I recently installed /e/. I come from another device (BQ Aquaris X) also with 3000 mah (screen a little bit smaller) and in the everyday use at the end of the day I ended with more than half of the battery left. When using the S9 under the same circunstances (same apps, screen use time…) I noticed that the battery use is much higher than my previous phone.
As I can’t compare it to the Samsung Stock ROM, I don’t know if that’s normal or if the S9 uses more battery under /e/.
I already have GPS, bluetooth… disconnected, brightness down to almost minimum… and the tipical advices you can find online.
As the S9 is offered with /e/ preinstalled and therefore I assume that is a popular device, I would like to ask you if you also feel the battery falls a little bit short or if it’s my thing, and what do you do especifically in order to improve it (appart from the things mentioned).

Hello @graz, exactly this comparison, Android Oreo 8.0.0 with /e/ OS e-0.7-oreo, would be the only fair comparison.

And even this comparison is misleading, because the pre-installed apps are very different and so is the power consumption.

Furthermore: an objective view brings clearer comparison results, because a subjective perception depends on the viewer and is therefore different for everyone.

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If any common means aren’t working, maybe you can try to go a more sophisticated way and install one of kernel-level tweaks for power optimization: FDE.AI, NFS-INJECTOR or LKT?

It has already been mentioned elsewhere: “It has a relatively low battery capacity compared to the phone’s powerful hardware.” All attempts at optimisation will not bring resounding success.

Yes, I’ve noticed that my battery power is consumed significantly faster with /e/ compared to when I was running on the stock ROMs (both O and P). I haven’t found a remedy to that yet (but I’m not really actively looking for it, either).

You can find interesting observations here.

I can’t find any particular app culprit responsible for that – when I care to check, my guard apps usually top the battery usage (firewall, VPN), but I reckon they’re just whipping boys, as they intercept other apps’ activity.

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Did you manage battery saving parameters in Parameters>Battery ?

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