Galaxy S9/starlte installation opt-encrypt patch failure

Hi, I’ve installed /e/ dev on my S9, the instructions page has section

Patch the device

    Download the patch from here
    Install the patch
    On the device, in TWRP go into Advanced > ADB Sideload, then swipe to begin sideload
    From the computer, please run adb sideload <patch file>

unfortunately sideloading the patch failes with no error message,
has the banner

dm-verity and forced encryption 

Then ther is “unpacking the installer” followed by “Updater process ended with ERROR:1”

is there an alternativ patch or is it not essential? actually i continued with installation, and got to boot to /e/ succesfully, but i’m not sure if this failing patch has further implications not immediately visible.

Some guidelines would be appreciated :slight_smile:
BR Christian

More info in this thread (starting with post no.19):

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Maybe it helps to have a fuller understanding of the It is difficult to find easy to digest information. You will need a good ad-blocker to read this article, sorry,

I see that you feel you got a fail. I would take a more optimistic view; Samsung did not want to send you a helpful message that you had liberated the device! I may be wrong. I hope your phone continues to run /e/ successfully!

S9 starlte Documentation Suggestions takes a bit of reading but is probably worthwile!

thx, seems, that others have similar problems, and you can continue without the patch without problems.
Hm, I don’t think, that I can blame Samsung for a misleading message, as the message is from TWRP, as far as I understand. Also, I don’t think it’s misleading, as it seems, the patch wasn’t actually applied. When booting /e/ encryption is still automatically enabled, this patch should prevent that, as far as I understand