Gallery app not working

Dear /e/ community friends, on preinstalled GS 290 phone, few days ago I lost access to Gallery app, similar app like simple gallery pro is no good, I have no access to all picture and video folders, can`t find, neither upload screenshots, pictures to another app like viber, strava, etc. Should I reset phone, format memory, and sd card? Will this bring back access to Gallery app. Please advice.


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Perhaps you could give the exact version of /e/ on your phone in the format suggested here

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You can configure that. Simple Gallery which I used a long time should of course find all your pictures and videos, even at none standard places. You can also try “Camera Roll” (without “+”, from F-Droid) which is also a very good picture viewer.

You might try to clear data within Gallery

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > Gallery > Storage & cache > Clear storage | Clear cache

I just tried this on 1.10-q-20230416280390-dev-a3xelte and was surprised to find cache with 35 MB; Storage was < 1MB. Of course no images were lost but Gallery took several moments to load following this.