Get Corona App running

I’m happy with my new FP3 with /e/!
However, the chance of using benefits of the Corona App would be appreciated.
Is there I side way to get it running?
I guess ungoogled Huawei Smartphones have the same problem. Installation of the App is no problem, but then it asks for Google Services…

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No way. Corona app.has NO benefit. It’s spying on you. That’s against eOS and it will never work on eOS.

And please see the other big post about this app


Currently not.

Efforts to recreate the needed parts in Open Source are underway, as is discussed in the topic @harvey186 linked to, but it might take time.


The app have proven benefits described for example in this Oxford Study. The german app keeps the data private by design.

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Tracking is tracking. and tracking us loosing privacy.

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@harvey186 Yes, and that is why it isn’t tracking app. It is a tracing app. That make a difference.


OK, than tracing. And tracing is same way bad as tracking.

Since this is already off topic… @harvey186 are you willing to give up your life for not being traced? I know you think this tracing does not work, but what if it does? This virus is very nasty, and not all details are known yet, my motto is “better be safe than sorry”. HIV is also a virus still no vaccine after 40 years…

Allow less privacy for more security is a real danger for our lifes, much more than the SARS-CoV-2. Where does it stop ? You can have a preview in China.


Nothing is / will be better with this spying app.

Yes and in 40 years no app for tracing of HIV infected people.

for securing your community / friends / parents etc. you don’t need a app.

Yesterday I have meet my son fist time after pandemic was starting. And we have meet outside, no hands shake, no ‘warm’ welcome or goodbye.
That’s the way you could go.

And I agree to 100 % what @Anonyme has written !!!

An example, let’s say someone goes to work. He/she will be in one room with other colleagues, so risk is high. One came into contact with someone that has COVID. you could be warned and quarantined and stop spreading the virus (you may not have it, but to be sure). I’m not a fan of tracking/ tracing but I definitely see the usage of this.

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I know how the app is / should work. And for me, it makes no sense for using it and lost privacy.
And what I’m always say is: This is only the first step. Your government has the first foot in your door and next will come. Once more: Look over the big see what happens in US in the hood of patriot act. Look to china, look to Russia.


But that’s something different then claiming it has no benefit.

Both points are valid. The corona tracing app could be very useful as a means of fighting corona. And it can be done in a transparent way, e.g. the German version is decentralized and open source.

However, this kind of detailed tracing of exactly who meets whom, 100% of the time, is exactly what a repressive regime would implement to control people.

Therefore I agree that this technology should better not be on a privacy-focussed OS like /e/ in the first place.

It’s a dilemma, but maybe there is a solution: the tracing technology doesn’t have to be on our main phones. For the limited time period in which you might want to take part in covid tracing, it would be only a minor inconvenience to also carry another cheap (second hand) Android smartphone in our pockets whose sole purpose is running the covid app and that is not used for anything else.

Of course it all remains an individual decision and nobody should ever be forced to carry a tracer.


For the German tracing app, there is a fork under development which aims to reimplement the proprietary Exposure Notifaction API while being fully compatible with the original app.


No, it’s not spying on anyone. If you don’t believe this, go check its source code. The app doesn’t store your location or any personal data. Moreover, in case you’re infected, you decide yourself if you want to share this information with the app. Stop spreading conspiracy theories!

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All : This subject has potential to get into politically sensitive areas. Please be sensitive to the ideas and thoughts of other users. Some posts were flagged by multiple users and have been removed.
While governments will try to enforce such citizen - tracking apps in the guise of protecting public health we at /e/ have certain goals which require us to steer clear from such applications.
As mentioned earlier in this thread /e/ will not be implementing any such user tracking framework or app as a default system app or library in the build.


Just to be clear: By “any such user tracking framework” you include such projects as CoraLibre?



any idea on the status of this app? I saw nothing on their website

Seems like the main guy sorely needs more contributors. He even said the project might get to a halt otherwise. My guess is that it’s going to take a while.

Their github is much more informative btw.: