Get /e/ services on another rom

O got a new phone and do not want to unlock it till its in warranty an I have all my data on e cloud. Is their any way to get e services on another ROM?

Short answer is ‘Yes’. Start by installing F-Droid, and us e it to find and install the following packages:

  1. To access your ecloud files, install NextCloud Synchronisation client, Notes app and, if you use Deck, the Deck app
  2. To sync your contacts and calendar, install DAVx⁵
  3. To use your address, install an email client such as K-9 Mail, and use the details in this post to set up the account.

All the apps mentioned above are open source, and are the ones which /e/ has forked (i.e. used a copy of their source code, and changed/ added to it) to create their ‘one brand’ apps.