GIGAGSET GX290 (Rugged phoned)

Dear developers.

I have been browsing the internet, if there is any custom ROM that supports rugged phones. Could not find any. Now I saw, that /e/ is running an GS290. Would it be possible to create an image for Gigaset GX290 as well?

Device: Gigaset GX290 (rugged version)
Android: Android 10
Other Roms: Did not find any
Device specifications:


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Yes please for this. The chipsets for the GS290 and GX290 look identical on the website so my guess is it would be fairly straightforward to adapt it, but I suppose that is easy for an outsider to say.
I can imagine that there is a lot of crossover between the people seeking privacy and escape from big tech and outdoor adventure seekers. The GX290 is not only rugged but has a huge battery which would suit someone camping who might still want some connection or maybe just GPS and phone for emergencies.
Can I also suggest Unihertz phones (also based on MediaTek chipsets). They have small phones which suit people wanting to escape smartphone addiction (one reviewer helpfully said ‘you won’t want to use it and that is the point’ :grinning:). They have a rugged line, the Atom and the Atom L/XL models. But also very small phone non-rugged phones like the Jelly/Jelly Pro/Jelly 2. These are a lot cheaper than the rugged/waterproof versions and a backpacker will probably already have a drybag for money, passport etc. Keep up the good work.


This is what’s needed! I’m looking desperately for a rugged phone supporting de-googled after changing 4th screen in XperiaXA2 and …had enough :frowning: This is a gap on the market and I hope the modification from GS to GX version might not be much. Would buy this in instant :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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