Gigaset GS290 - Blackscreen "Reboot Loop" Bricked?

Hello guys

After i have installed the newest /e/ with easy installer, the display is just black.
The installtion with the easy installer ran completely successfull, but at the end, the phone was just black. When i connect the phone to the computer, i see, the phone connect-disconnect-connect (in devicemanager) et cetera. So I think, the phone is booting permanently.
Ive tried with easy installer, adb and SP Flash tool to access the phone - no way!

ADB and easy Installer no chance. I think the best chance is with the SP Flash tool. Ive tried for 3 hours: Pressing On/ Off Button, plugged cable in/out - NO CHANCE

Has somebody a solution??
The phone is brandnew - 5 hours old … im very disappointed about /e/

What about fastboot mode? I think you should enter into fastboot mode when using the SP flash tool.

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Ive tried a lot of things. but my solution was the following:

  • Installed SP Flash Tool

  • Downloaded GS290 Android 10

  • Started SP Flash Tool

  • Started Download in SP Flash Tool and checked all things with flags (inc. Preload(#1))

  • Plugged Cable in

  • Waited for Connection to Phone

  • Observed the DeviceManager (in Windows)

  • If the phone was recognized, I pressed and hold the Volume Button

  • Then the SP Flash Tool begins to download (resp. upload)

  • After i could start the phone

  • Then ive installed again /e/ (with EasyInstaller) but with not a update of Android.

  • Now it works!


I just created this account just to say: People who post full solutions to their own problems are undoubtedly the best kind of human beings.
You saved me from having not one but two bricked devices on my hands.

I ran into the same problem with Easy Installer v0.13.2-beta, something seemed to go wrong at the end of the installation, at least the installer seemed stuck when trying to configure the /e/ account.

Anyways, above solution works when executed exactly like stated, thanks a lot.


no problem man! ive hoped its helpfull for nice guys like you!