Gigaset GS290 Boot Loop

Just bought a brand new GS290. It was on Stock Android 9. I did the following:

  • enabled developer settings
  • enable USB Debugging + OEM Unlock
  • Updated OTA to Android 10
    Then I booted via adb to fastboot and flashed following the official guide.
    All went without errors.

After reboot the phone does only a boot loop and is in “orange” state. I can go to fastboot holding the volume up key and select fastboot from the menu BUT I cant boot to OS nore access recovery.

I reflashed in fastboot state every version of /e/ but all with the same result.
The easy installer does not connect to the phone, but I can flash with fastboot from a linux machine.

Please help rescuing the phone or find out what caused the problem.

Hi @jocmoc welcome. Have you made any progress? You will have read on this forum of many in a similar position with GS290.

Did you consider the rescue outlined here?