Gigaset GS290 - Verified Boot is Enabled Error


ich habe noch ein neues Gigaset GS290 kaufen können, um es mit /e/OS zu betreiben. Bevor der “Easy-Installer” verwendet werden kann, muss man aber auf Android 10 aktualisieren. Im Auslieferungszustand ist auf dem Gigaset GS290 aber Android 9 installiert. Fatalerweise gibt es von Gigaset keine Updates mehr. Nun hatte ich die verhängnisvolle Idee, Android 10 so auf das GS290 zu bekommen:

Nur bricht der Vorgang mit der Fehlermeldung ab “Verified Boot is Enabled Error” - und das Smartphone lässt sich jetzt gar nicht mehr einschalten. :dizzy_face:

Wie kann man das GS290 wieder zum Leben erwecken - oder ist es nur noch Elektroschrott?

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I was able to buy a new Gigaset GS290 to run it with /e/OS. Before the “Easy-Installer” can be used, you have to update to Android 10. However, Android 9 is installed on the Gigaset GS290 when it is delivered. Fatally, there are no more updates from Gigaset. Now I had the disastrous idea to get Android 10 on the GS290 like this:

Only, the process aborts with the error message “Verified Boot is Enabled Error” - and the smartphone cannot be turned on at all now. :dizzy_face:

How to bring the GS290 back to life - or is it just electronic waste?

Many greetings

Ergänzung: Die von @smu44 vorgeschlagene Lösung war leider nicht erfolgreich. :sweat:


It’s a shame that Gigaset won’t provide OTA anymore :frowning:

I found 2 links that may be of help:

Finger crossed …

Hello smu44,

thank you for the quick response. The second tip “SP flash tool > uncheck LIB DA MATCH” was unfortunately not successful. The first tip would only be the very last option for me, because I don’t like to manipulate the GS290 directly with a “Hex Editor Tool”. I do not dare yet… Or has someone already successfully used this method on the GS290?

I thought I don’t have to unlock the bootloader when I put the original system from GIGASET on the GS290. That was certainly the crucial mistake…

Greetings, Frank

Sorry no GS290 here, so I can’t try the “hexedit” method :frowning:
Maybe the Gigaset support could be of help?

If you are seeing the error like this

“Verified boot is enabled
Please, download signed image (-verified.img) or disable verified boot”*

You might cross reference with this issue,

where sadly the solution, “Gigaset helped us to recover the 2 devices”, was never shared with /e/ users.

@rhunault How Gigaset could help? I am having the same problem with my GS290. :sweat:

Since Gigaset support ignores me (no more support for the GS290), I was even ready for the first tip. But there is no PGPT file in the firmware for the GS290, so unfortunately this method does not work with the GS290. :disappointed:

Out of sheer desperation, I tried to apply Steve Reno’s solution:

And indeed the GS290 is alive again and boots. However, the screen display is completely consumed and unreadable. So the smartphone is unusable - also the developer options are so not activatable (USB debugging…).

How do I get a correct graphics display? Is there any way to influence this via the file “MT6763_Android_scatter.txt”? :thinking:

Greetings, Frank

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Can you try to flash again, replacing all partitions as instructed but system.img or md1dsp.img?

Do you mean re-flash, but replace system.img from the stock rom firmware of the GS290?

Yes, that’s what I’d try…
At this point, you have nothing to loose :wink: