Gigaset GS5 Lite


I recently bought the GS5 Lite from Gigaset and I’ m very satisfied with it so far. The only negative for me is the update period of 3 years promised by Gigaset. That is still more than most other manufacturers offer, but for me, since I plan to use the phone (for obvious reasons) much longer, clearly too short (not to mention the Google issue …). How often/regularly security updates are actually made available in the mentioned time also remains the question.

Gigaset is one of the few manufacturers that still produce smartphones with replaceable batteries, which basically predestines the devices for a long usage period.

I would be very happy if I could find the GS5 Lite (and also the GS5) in the /e/OS device list at some point and I hope that enough supporters will be found.

The differences between the Gigaset GS5 and GS5 lite are very small.

  1. Less internal memory (64 instead of 128 gigabytes)
  2. Front camera 8 MP instead of 16MP
  3. No wireless charging
  4. The back of the GS5 Lite is no longer made of glass, but now of textured plastic.

Probably a /e/OS ROM works on both Gigaset GS5 + GS5 lite

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: stars for supporting Gigaset GS5 with /e/OS


That would be the best, of course, so there can be no dispute and the developers would have covered two devices with one work.

The rest didn’t matter to me. Selfies (front camera), for example, I do not make in principle … :wink:

The non-existent glass back was actually the main reason for me to choose the Lite. I’m an absolute minimalist and hate this glossy stuff. :face_vomiting: :wink:

Today I bricked my Gigaset GS5 Lite. :see_no_evil:
Can someone please provide the stock firmware from Gigaset with the Scatter file?
Thanks in advance and kind regards.

It is extremely difficult to almost impossible to download this Gigaset firmware on the WWW, because - Gigaset is one of the very few manufacturers that do not voluntarily make their stock firmware available to the public. The only way to get this firmware is probably a firmware dump from a working GS5 Lite. But you missed that chance. A scatter file named MT6768_Android_scatter.txt or MT6769Z_Android_scatter.txt could be useful.

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, thats my fault, I really missed backing up the stock Firmware.
As far as I know ota updates are saved on the phone, even after installing them.
Maybe someone who owns such a device can put it on mega or gdrive?

If necessary, contact Gigaset Support. They offer acceptable repair flat rates, e.g. unlocking (theft protection) ~ 25.00 euros. The reinstallation of Stock Android™ 12 might be available for the same price. Good luck!

I just contacted the support but they can’t help me.
They said that the guarantee is voided by flashing the phone with a 3rd party firmware.

Of course, your tampering is not a warranty claim, but may be declared as a chargeable repair. When Gigaset support says they can’t help, I interpret that as - Gigaset is not willing to help!

Fairphone, for example, has proven to me - where there’s a will, there’s a way. Fairphone sent my broken FP4 to France and managed the entire process, including the return shipment. The formal effort was enormous, but in the end I received a functioning FP4 back.

Well I suppose it’s time for /e/ to build the gs5 stable. No such device upgrades since FP4

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