Gigaset GS5 with /e/OS

Hi Guys,
i am unsing actually a Gigaset GS290 and that works fine for me. My Interesst is on have a good Nextcloud Conectivity. I love my /e/OS on my Gigaset, i am missing nothing … nothing? Just, a little bit better camera for the Snap during the Events… :wink:
Can you bring /e/OS on Gigaset GS5 that have a better Camera?

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I would also like to see more gigaset devices.


Yes, it looks like the GS5 is being use for the new Volla Phone 22. So it should be possible ( I was about to say ‘easy’ but I don’t know what is actually involved ).


Hand raised here as well.

Would be very nice to have “e” on this phone.
… replaceable battery!!!

Thank you


And a nice Camera as well … :wink:

+1 for supporting the Gigaset GS5!

…and more Gigaset phones in the near future!


People get in touch, we still need supporters! :nerd_face:

Device information:

Manufacturer support for Android 12 and security updates through October 2024:

:star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: stars for supporting Gigaset GS4
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: stars for supporting Gigaset GS5 - very interesting alternative: rephone 6 GB RAM

I’m looking for a download link complete Gigaset GS 5 firmware Stock Android 11 (or 12) incl. MediaTek Helio G85 Android scatter.txt. Help would also already a single file, namely boot.img


Also interested in gigaset smartphones. The gs5 lite looks cool too. Same processor as the gs5.


Hi Gianna,
Unfortunately I can’t extract an Android stock rom from a GS5 because I don’t own one (yet) and I don’t have the knowledge to do so. However, if the Gigaset GS5 is supported by /e/OS, then I could imagine someone taking the trouble to provide the original stock rom as a download, as they did with the GS290. I wrote to Gigaset and they definitely do not provide any firmware for download - unfortunately.

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Hi @anon48570964,
there is a guide for ‘dump’ the firmware, but the process is not as simple as it seems.

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they provide open source components.
can the necessary stuff be built from those?

can’t at least the boot image be built from that, and then the /e/OS Generic System Image be installed?

ah, rephone also offers the open source components, seems same/similar archive as provided by gigaset, but with added build instructions and make-script

A couple of maybe useful (re)sources:

GH “issue” (= request) just opened:

Hope that helps !

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sigh closed, there seems to be some in-fighting going on.

not very helpful for common folks.

ok, just reading up on it: /e/ critics from Lineage fans

Anyway, very interesting:

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local_manifests/NOTICE at main · GS290-dev/local_manifests · GitHub

Seems to be a license violation…

That more Gigaset devices should be included to the list, I can only support!

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Hey everyone, GS290 IS a supported device !

But GS290 is not made any more hence OP title GS5 - no_device_codename