Gmail, Google Maps and Google My Maps on /e/


I know many of you will say this (partly) defies the idea of using /e/,
and some of you will say it is crazy and makes no sense at all…

is there a way to use Gmail, Google Maps and Google My Maps on /e/ ?



Yes you can. But it’s like putting alcohol in an alcohol free beer


I kind of understand, but I use about 10 apps with trackers anyway, so…

What would I need to do to properly install the three apps from Big G ?

You can add your goolag account under ‘settings’ / accounts. And in email app

For goolag naps I would use the web browser
MyMaps I don’t kniw, but should also work in.browser.


But I would prefer using LineageOS with gapps. Because you don’t want privacy.


You just have to install them, it will work without the need to connect to a google account in the system (I think).

You can also install them under the “Shelter” app to separate them from the other app but you have too much “bad” apps to make it very useful.

Use an ad/tracker blocker.


Our moderator & community leader would say …


Hi @dotcoma if you have to use Google apps due to what ever reason then of the apps you mentioned only Gmail will need the gmail account to be configured. Remember Google tries changing the authentication modes every few weeks which will break the connection. In Gmail there is an options to set third party app access to your account. I think this is the page where you can get more details. I rarely use my Gmail account so have not tested this recently.
Google Maps does not need an account but if you have already added your gmail account on the phone it will pick up and use the same account. You can disable its remember history or timeline feature but again not sure that alone keeps you hidden.


I have a mostly redundant Gmail account which I never visit. What I did is to go to Gmail settings and forward all mail to your non Gmail account. EG., Protonmail or Criptext. Use a browser and for Youtube and as @Manoj says there is no need to sign in to any account for maps unless you want Google to know where you are.
If you want to use MyMaps then you have a problem.


That’s the best way. ears ago when I was leaving goolag I have also used the forwarder to my new email account and an autoresponder with my new email address. So every sender has gotten an information about my new email address. And from week to week I have gotten less goolag mails

" Sign in using App Passwords" works for gmail accounts in k9mail, so should work for e-k9mail:

Set “Folder poll frequency” in “fetching mail” in account settings to as high time as you can live with. :grin:

Just curious, but what’s the advantage to using the Google Maps? I’ve found MagicEarth to be really excellent, both for mapping, and for in-car navigation. Plus MagicEarth has useful features that Google Maps doesn’t, like offline maps, custom nav voices, etc. I prefer it to Google Maps just based on features alone. The added privacy is a bonus.

As for Gmail, you can use any standard IMAP client. I use the built-in /e/ Mail app to access my various gmail accounts, it works great. Yes you have to set up an “app password” in your google account as @dopy pointed out.

i agree, Magic Earth works really well. The one thing about OpenStreetMap that isn’t so great yet is its POI database, especially its business register. So if you search for a place where you wanna go, in Google Maps it pops up, in Magic Earth you often need to enter the address.

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in relation to this:

MagicEarth is good.
Google Maps has almost every shop, pub, restaurant I could be interested in. client as a valid alternative for Gmail?
Yeah, right.

What’s about the buildin k9 client? ?

What you could do as well: Take a look for the Go-versions.
Google developed for Android Go (a light-weight version of Android for less powerful phones). for that they published as well Gmail Go and Gmaps Go. The latter one I have tested. It feels like a PWA version of maps, not providing the full set of functionality but it works very well.
AFAIK they are not available on eApps, but probably in the Aurora store you’ll find them.

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I never would trust ANY goolag app

I agree, but that’s not the point here.

FairEmail is really good, much better than Gmail imo!

Mr. Snapseed, what was that again? :grin:
Hee hee, just messin’ around. :wink:

Hah, just realized I’m a month late. Oops.

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