Gmail, Google Maps and Google My Maps on /e/

:grinning:I “sort of” insist because I have seen quite a few posts about “/e/ as an ethical mobile OS”. :upside_down_face:
The discussion might take place in another forum dedicated to ethics and techoligy, I guess.

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Your point makes sense
Points that distinguish ethics of [blah] from the underlying topic always remind me of Milan kundera (not finding it precisely at the moment, but basically): “the personal IS the political.”
… although I don’t take that as a reason not to try to separate the convos, at least initially.

I’m curious about having goolag Maps and if it is ‘safe’ to install, I don’t want to use it but Strava needs it to work and Telegram needs it to share location.
Can you have it on your phone without it knowing too much? Can Telegram access your location using goolag Maps without goolag themselves tracking it?

You might be interested in this topic, too …