Good email cleint

I am about to load /e/OS on my Fairphone 3. I own my own domain so want to keep my existing email address.

Would anyone be able to recommend a good email client, that obviosly doesn’t track or otherwise abuse me?



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FairEmail is the best.
You’ll find it on the F-Droid store.



Stock /e/ client is forked from K-9 mail and works fine (also export/import accounts and settings).

Second FairEmail

The github version is updated daily and offers the ability to buy Pro without having to reset or re-input your account information.

Sure, FairEmail has a more appealing design, but it has a tracker inside, but I don’t know if it’s one of the good ones or the bad ones;

but if your target is a secure client, then you don’t need to look far, use the default application, Mail, which, as you’ve already been written, is a fork of K9-email and you can’t go wrong.

K9 Mail. I have used FairEmail for a few months and I cant recommend it.

I gave up searching. I wrote here about my criteria. The stock app seems to be the one which fits my needs most, even if it doesn’t notify at the moment.


What do you mean with “receive push messages”? The mail client should save the push messages from Telegram or…?

Not Telegram. We speak about mail.

Many IMAP servers have a feature called IMAP Idle. This technology is known for about ten years. When the IMAP server receives a mail message from somewhere it sends immediately a notification to a client who is known to the server. (The client tells the server before that it wants notifications.) When the client receives the push notification it can then notify the user by a beep or LED or similar. This is very fast. You can send the server a mail message and your mobile receives this message normally in under 30 seconds. There are three conditions for that:

  1. You must use an IMAP mail server
  2. The mail server must support the IMAP Idle feature
  3. Your mail client must support receiving push notifications from the server

If you can’t use this feature your mail client is responsible for polling the messages from the server, on and on around the clock. This can lead to a lot of useless network traffic (this means also battery consumption) especially if your mail account is full of receved mails (because you never clean up). You can then reduce the traffic by increasing the polling interval, but this makes it slow.

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second FairEmail, I love it, it is really amazing. I wish I had something like it on my desktop.
Also, as noted, the option for a premium option that is not connected to Play Store is really forward looking by the dev

I have used K-9 Mail, installed from F-Droid, for several years on many different devices. I use it instead of the default Mail app (which is a fork of K-9) because it has better support for multiple accounts

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Thanks for the explanation.

hello, I used for many years FairEmail on my goulag smartphone, I loved it so much, I purchased the premium option. Then I switched to e/ (which I love very much too). I contacted the deutch dev to explain the situation and to ask him if there was a solution to use the premium version on e/. He told me to pay again. It made me sad and I ditched FairEmail right away.

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I emailed a lot with the dev, to me he seemed v kind and responsive


Install the fairmail application from F-droid. Open the application and go to the Pro function. Click on the “Buy” button. Now open the website. Scroll down until you read the following text: “…if you already donated…”. Click the “Activate” button. Enter the information you have already used for the purchase. You will then receive the Pro activation email.

Give it a try.


Hello. Can the default email client work with a ya*oo address? The simple option with just email and password for the account doesn’t work. Where can I find a configuration guide?

I just searched “configure yahoo email client” and found this. This short article contains all you must know.

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Thanks but I already tried several times before contacting the dev, without any luck

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Sorry to hear that.

Did you try the following link?

via this way I got a activation mail without paying again.

I came from LineageOS 16.0 for microG switched to /e/OS with clean install. Following apps which have already purchased without Playstore are still working (with Pro function activated) on my FP2.

Nova, Tasker, Fairemail, Poweramp, AFwall+, SD Maid, Threema

Very helpful. Thanks