Google home working or not?

Hello i have guestion: is the google home on /e/ working or not?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Never tried it but I don’t think it will work. But why would you bother install /e/, whose aim is to remove Google as much as possible from your life, while still using a Google Home?

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It works partially. A lot of things do seem broken. But it works just well enough to be able to configure a Chromecast. And I wrote a few scripts for my Linux system to send videos or Twitch streams to it as the /e/OS apps don’t really want to cast well.

If it’s not to configure a Chromecast, I can’t tell you if it’ll work. Again, it does seem quite buggy with microG.

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Because i like privacy but i need Google too and microG doing the best services for privacy but smaller Google functionality.

Oh so it doesnt work best but microG will can repair it. But i think if i use amazon Alexa that will work better OR it will be same problem?

If you care about privacy, I hope you know Google Home, Alexa and other assistants are the worst you could think of privacy-wise. If it can answer when you call for it, this means it is listening all the time. But hey, as long as you are aware of this, do as you wish.

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I know that risk but IS Good to have everthing from Smart home in one app and yes i know that IS here the homey but it doesnt recognize voice so i am only asking

I have bought a Chromecast and i was hopefull to get is work on my TV.
It was not a problem to Install Google Home and to find and connect my Chromecast.
But when i try to use a dutch app called: NLZiet, then i cannot cast to my TV.

Is there anyone who now how i get this to work?
Maybe i can use a PS3/4 to use NLZiet, but i dont have the money for that now.
If this will not work, i go back tot my provider for adding TV.

In Google home i get the message to upload play-services, wich i dont want with /e/

Just adding an idea to this thread:

It should be possible to block much of the tracking and spying of these devices by using the open-source Pi-hole application in your home network. Adding one of their pre-configured blocklists will automatically intercept the trackers, while allowing the connections that are needed for functionality.

I prefer not to use google either, but I wish I could mirror the screen of my GS290.

For example, I prefer to use the APP NLZiet, Youtube or other videos and streaming services. I had already tried it with a MiraCast, but I couldn’t get it to work and now neither did the Chromecast.

I think The App BubbleUpNp only works with music and videos. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix this? My TV is quite old, so there must be a new one for that, but I don’t know how I’m going to get this work and otherwise I have to buy a tablet with Google services for home.