Google Pixel 4 stuck on e os s 1.17


We are using three e os google pixels in our family. I recently discovered that the pixel 4 my wife uses is stuck on Version s1.17 and it can not find any update OTA.

  1. what can be done to make it find the update OTA?
  2. what are alternative options without deleting all current data from the phone?

Thanks for looking into this.

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OTA V2.0 is available.
Alternative: Local update (download image from the /e/ website via eBrowser directly to the “flame”)

Manual upgrade without data loss:

  1. Make sure your computer has working adb
  2. Enable USB debugging on your device.
  3. Run adb -d reboot sideload
  4. Run adb -d sideload

because latest “s” stable build was
when you say "stuck on e os s 1.17" i guess you are on the DEV branch and talk about

as @Xxpsilon says, dirty-flash could work nevertheless, but

Wasn’t flame also one of the devices which needed additional partitions? :thinking: Is that included in the recovery when it is flashed?

The version the phone “stays on”…is e-1.17-s-20231109350748-stable-flame.

Since that relase now 5 updates are availabel and have sucessfully been made for the pixel 5 we have in use and even the pixel 3 (there only 4) via OTA.

Thus my question was pointing to the fact that it seems the pixel 4 is not " receiving" the updates ota.

Hence, how can i update the phone without loosing data.

I understand a sideload can be an option,correct?

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Making regular backups should be a matter of course - even if it seems annoying. A separate reference to a backup should therefore not even be necessary. If you don’t make a backup of your most important data before an update or upgrade, you don’t have to worry about data loss if something goes wrong, because something unforeseen can always happen - even with an /e/OS OTA update!

My last successful manual upgrade from /e/OS Q (Quince Tart) to T ( Tiramisu):

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But i will not upgrade from Android S to Android T. I just want the most recent stable Android S update (being e os 2.0).

I will make a data backup but will hope the sideload will simply update it as wished and nothing more.

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Since he is already, on S it is not necessary.

Sorry…what is not necessary?

To flash additional partitions.

As you wrote you are on 1.17-s-stable. Therefore you should be able tu update to v2.0

…Via adb sideload,yes?

I will report back once done

you have not received notifications,
but please try to actualise (10 times if necessary) in → settings → system uptader

Try what piero suggests

Dears, my apollogies…i was wrong as i seem to be unable to separate the pixel 4 my wife uses vs my work pixel 4!!!

Mine is on the android 12 stable tree but my wife is on “android 12 dev”!!! Hence it stays on 1.17 as that is the latest dev build.

My correct question would thus have been…

" can you dirty flash from android 12 1.17 dev to Android 12 1.17 stable?
Any experience doing it without assuming to reinstall all aps etc? "

Back up of the important data is done meanhwile.

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TWRP should do the trick for backup “/data” except “internal storage”,
as wil you stay on the same android level you should be abble to recover “/data” after formating it.
don’ t restore “/system” as you will change it.

try it but you could be forced to perform a factory-reset if not boot…